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  1. Dobrescu George
    Awesome photos and visuals!
    Dobrescu George, Feb 9, 2018
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  2. Zachik
    I agree with George - great photos, and great review all around! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Zachik, Feb 9, 2018
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  3. Isloo
    Very good review. Lots of useful info.
    Isloo, Feb 9, 2018
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  4. AllenWalker
    This is the review I have been wanting all this while since I own X5iii too :D Thanks for the review!
    AllenWalker, Feb 10, 2018
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  5. meringo
    Awesome review. I wonder why Fiio skipped out on the modern wireless options -- AptX HD or LDAC. I'd buy this in a heartbeat if it had either of those. I imagine it's still a great option for a lot of folks even without them.
    meringo, Feb 22, 2018
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  6. KopaneDePooj
    @ all - Thanks for your kind words and appreciation! [USER=419806]@meringo[/USER] - about higher quality Bluetooth codecs, some people asked in the main thread and here are the replies of Product Manager Demond : [URL]https://www.head-fi.org/threads/fiio-q5-flagship-dac-amp-an-dual-dac-usb-optical-coaxial-line-in-share-the-same-amp-module-with-x7.772186/page-78#post-13923467[/URL]
    KopaneDePooj, Feb 22, 2018
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  7. int_architect
    Great review. 2nd read for me!
    int_architect, Feb 22, 2018
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  8. audiophilefan
    Great review, man! Not a native speaker?! This a well-written piece! Though the device hanging by the pineapple crown really scared me a bit. If it falls...
    audiophilefan, Feb 22, 2018
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  9. AudioBear
    Thanks for taking the time to write a really superlative review. Oh, and you can never use that non-native speaker excuse again since you write better than most native speakers.
    AudioBear, Feb 22, 2018
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  10. KopaneDePooj
    [USER=428934]@audiophilefan[/USER] Thanks man! The pineapple crown shots look more "dangerous" because I angled the camera :) In fact the Q5 was very well secured between the stiff leaves. I wouldn't have put it into danger :)) [USER=51833]@AudioBear[/USER] Thanks, I appreciate :)
    KopaneDePooj, Feb 23, 2018
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  11. audiophilefan
    You're welcome! Nice to know it's safer than it looks. Haha. ;)
    audiophilefan, Feb 26, 2018
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