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  1. Vishal
    How much step up from x3 as I really liked x3 and now wants to upgrade.
    Vishal, Apr 22, 2017
  2. Layman1
    About 80cm? Just kidding. It's hard to quantify, and anything I say is of course only my subjective opinion. Also, the answer obviously depends on what you are looking for in terms of functionality and sound signature? And the budget you have available? There's kind of a $90 - $150 price bracket that the xDuoo X3 fits into. I believe it's one of the best players in that category, offering something close to the kind of transparent, reference style sound signature that many audiophiles are looking for.   However, then there's the $350 price bracket (how you define the end point of this price bracket is open to interpretation). In it you've got players such as the new Fiio X5iii, Pioneer XDR-300P, Opus#1, Cayin DAP's etc. At this stage, you're getting into audio performance that is in a similar league to that of TOTL players, going into the realms of diminishing returns for price paid etc. Many of these DAP's have dual DACs and amp sections, balanced outputs, optical outputs (so could use Mojo with it for example), dual micro-SD card slots, full touchscreens and android/custom UI's..   I'd say the Aune fits somewhat strangely in between these two price brackets, and as I said in my review, offers a stripped down feature set in exchange for competitive sound quality. Some reviewers think it's as good as the 'Mid-Fi' level DAP's I've given examples of above.   I would say, if your budget can stretch to one of the Mid-Fi DAP's above and you can find one that has the sound signature you're lookihg for, then maybe go for that. However, if you are unwilling or unable to spend so much, the Aune will probably offer an upgraded experience to that of the xDuoo X3, but how 'upgraded' will depend on your own tastes, hearing and perception.   I've tried to be as balanced and objective as possible in answering your question, hope it's been of some help :)
    Layman1, Apr 22, 2017
  3. audiophilefan
    First review?! Are you serious?! This is one of the most fun reviews I've come across so far. It naturally flows and you're quite a word smith. And the humor too! :)    I don't have any constructive criticisms. Tips maybe that you already know:   *If you want to see a review with all the works (technical impressions, etc.), check out reviews by Brooko. *If you want to see a review that is concise and sweet, check out reviews by Zelda. *Reviews by twister6 are also very good in my opinion. *Also, check out write-ups from jude or Currawong (Admins).   Then you may pick up some techniques on how they do reviews and maybe incorporate those in your future reviews or write ups. :)   Again, awesome review! PLUS the fact that your first review hit the front page, you should be very proud. :)   Enjoy your day sir and...   Happy listening!
    audiophilefan, Apr 25, 2017
    Zelda likes this.
  4. Layman1
    [user=428934]@audiophilefan[/user] Wow, thanks for the huge compliments, much appreciated. I do indeed feel honoured and humbled! I felt the review was a bit rambling and unstructured, but I'll try to improve on that in future! They say you should let your personality shine through, which is depressing, because I am probably too rambling and unstrucured in real life, haha.   I'm currently reading a book which contains excellent advice on self-discipline and building good habits ("Take the stairs" by Rory Vaden, for any that are interested!) as I've started my own business as a property problem-solver/manager in London and need to get results fast! :D   And as for the advice, thanks again. I have to say, I already read many of the reviews by all of those people :D They're some of my Head-Fi heroes and fine (but daunting!) examples to follow, and I certainly hope to 'learn at their feet' and improve as I go along :)
    Layman1, Apr 25, 2017