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  1. linux4ever
    Thank you for the detailed comparisons of ADEL vs APEX. Plus the comparisons with other IEMS was very good. Very useful to refer back to anytime. Thanks again.
    linux4ever, Apr 15, 2017
  2. PinkyPowers
    Your sound description is spot on, as is the comparisons to other IEMs. Well done! Though I disagree with your M15 vs B1 comparison. I find the M15 has the bigger, punchier bass. You are absolutely right about the M20 vs M15. M20 is much bigger, and thicker sounding. I prefer M15 by a country mile.
    PinkyPowers, Apr 15, 2017
  3. PokerFaze
    [user=446290]@linux4ever[/user]: Thank you very much!   [user=419286]@PinkyPowers[/user]: Thank you for the kind words! Hmm... I believe I may have poorly worded my M15 vs B1. While I found the bass to have more overall presence with the B1, the M15s did indeed have a punchier bass. I think it is just apex vs ADEL in general; apex modules gave the U12s the "bite" and punchiness of the bass that ADEL took away. I cross-compared this with my Athena ADEL as well.   Overall, I thought that the apex modules have a much better bass response than the ADEL modules in general.
    PokerFaze, Apr 15, 2017
  4. Deezel177
    Relatively concise for the amount of information displayed, and accurate and comprehensive sound impressions to boot. Well done!
    Deezel177, Apr 16, 2017
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  5. ranfan
    I've been waiting, thanks [user=407076]@PokerFaze[/user]. Very impressive review. Amazing effort. Nice photos in addition.
    ranfan, Apr 16, 2017
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