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    So, in this case "DT" is where "D" is for "duct" and "T" is for "tape".
    PETEBULL, Mar 23, 2017
  2. kman1211
    True, this is just some experimenting. The tape is mainly for bass as I don't have the right pads for good bass presence and darkening up the sound to my preference. I need to grab some nice deep pleather or leather pads for it. The rest of the fixes for the glare and resonance are done with the other mods.
    kman1211, Mar 24, 2017
  3. Henery
    Nice to see a review. I may write my own someday. Can you add the link to my DT 480 thread? DT stands for "Dynamic Telephone". I agree with you kman. I´m amazed how well these do subbass considering how small diameter the aluminum diaphragm is. I think it´s about 35 mm. The magnet system in both DT 48 and 480 are so well designed despite it´s age it´s just unreal. Even when you turn up the volume, it still sounds calm and controlled. I have to say i´m somewhat disappointed in Nighthawks. How can hp´s from 70´s be better? I paid 90 euros for my pair (200 ohm). They are built like tank just like DT 48. But te headband has flaw: it´s surface is smooth and cannot keep earcups in position. That´s why you see rubberbands on DT 100/150/480 phones.
    Henery, Mar 29, 2017
  4. kman1211
    Thank you. I look forward to your review. Sure I can add it sometime. Yeah, it just needs the seal for the subbass to show well. It just shows you that in the past there was already a good understanding of acoustics in general and it really hasn't improved like many people say. I am somewhat disappointed in the Hawks myself, I let them go, my main issue is the treble and fatigue I got from the Hawks, been much happier with the DT 1990 and Amiron over the Hawks. Yeah, the headband sliders are a flaw with the DT 480/100/150. Honestly my DT 480 - 200 ohm I had in the past actually kept the position of the earcups, didn't move around on the metal slider so I didn't need to use the rubber-bands. 
    kman1211, Mar 29, 2017
  5. stalepie
    how can an old headphone sound better than their current ones? Why wouldn't they just remake this?
    stalepie, Apr 11, 2017