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  1. joeexp
    100% all -- Come on! 
    joeexp, Mar 20, 2017
  2. mirkot
    You are right :) I got little carried away. I toned it down a little for design but I find it hard to reduce the other measures.
    mirkot, Mar 20, 2017
  3. luvmusik
    Great review. Thank You for posting. More folks should become aware of this mfr's fine amps.    Important point noted in review which many overlook is how this mfr's amps "match" & play well with almost any brand & model headphone you pair them with, and these classes - dynamic, planar & iem. I have yet to find a headphone that did not match well with their amps, going thru endless number of headphones.   Own Violectric HPA-V100 and also Lake People G109-A, keeping forever & no need for any other amp, but HE-6 needs the top models in this mfr line to maximize it's abilities. Folks even really like HD800 with these 2 amp pairings & upward models. Sennheiser's engineer Axell Grell, creator of HD800 loves their amps & used V181 (now replaced with higher number) in testing HD800 development.   Another enthusiast (Kairoz) posted this re: their HPA-RS08 amp and this also applies to V100 & G109-A, a fave quote to pass along -  "Very short is the list of relatively affordable amps that can swing this much voltage into high impedance loads while delivering gobs of current into planar models, with variable gain and an inky black silent background with even the most sensitive iems".   To which I add - The versatility matching so many brands & models is uncanny, with neutral crystal clear sound, imparting no house sound whatsoever. Presents deep, fast, tight, controlled, impactful, clean textured bass, detailed exquisite mids and smooth, brilliant, sparkling highs, all balanced properly across the full frequency bandwidth, with no listening fatigue. Sub-bass, bass, mid-bass, lower mids all distinct with no bleeding yet seamless transition straight thru mids and highs integration. Fine coherence & imaging. Great airiness, no noise audible whatsoever.   Great amps - Violectric & Lake People.
    luvmusik, Mar 21, 2017
  4. luvmusik
    One last fine point to note - for compositions that have very fast complex electric bass  or very fast complicated synth-bass these amps deliver with ease, without smearing and without congestion. Not affiliated with mfr or their sales, just own & adore their products.   For the price range of $470 to $760 new (2017) retail list price (before any discounts), IMHO there are only 4 other SS amps that can compete (CavalliLC, MeierCC/ff, SchiitJ, Audio-GDforgot#?, AphexB=maybe 5th but lesser) at this time, and all around everything considered 1 or 2 of those are also great (CLC & MCC/ff). As Violectric/L.P. amps are built like tanks, & have ever had nearly no QC/QA issues, have exceptional support, for all combined reasons considered, it's very easy to highly recommend Violectric & Lake People amps from G100 and G109 up & Violectric from V100 up in line.
    luvmusik, Mar 21, 2017
  5. Demo3
    I could not agree more with you guys, I just spent a short time at RMAF last October with this (older version) and I was the [b]one[/b] thing that I wanted to win in the swag give away.
    Demo3, Mar 21, 2017
  6. frigginloony
    I have the Violectric V90 and have yet to find anything it won't drive. It certainly holds its own against my amp/dac combos of HA-1 and Jot.  Newbies in the hifi world should take note and at least give Lake People and Violectric a look see when they are starting their search for a good amp. 
    frigginloony, Mar 21, 2017
  7. Jodet
    I love my V280 to death.  
    Jodet, Mar 22, 2017
  8. Tuneslover
    I bought my G109S almost 3 years ago and love the honest and clear presentation of this amp.  Its too bad that this product line isn't as well known in North America as it is in Europe because many headphone enthusiasts here are missing out on superb German engineering and quality.
    Tuneslover, Mar 23, 2017
  9. Xyrium
    I'm looking at the 103, but the 100 looks very interesting. Do both headphone outputs work simultaneously? If so, what is the power distribution if cans are the same impedance?
    Xyrium, Aug 19, 2018