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  1. YtseJamer
    Great review sir, I agree with you
    YtseJamer, Feb 5, 2017
  2. superuser1
    Great review Pinky. I wish i could articulate as eloquently as you how much i love the 99s and how grateful i am to you for suggesting them to me. :D  "Metaphorical kittens are severed to the Gods" 
    superuser1, Feb 5, 2017
  3. PinkyPowers
    My pleasure. This is a headphone that's giving us both a lot of happiness.
    PinkyPowers, Feb 6, 2017
  4. flinkenick
    Always entertaining to read Pinky.
    flinkenick, Feb 6, 2017
  5. Suwarna
    Thanks for wonderful review !! One question, do original plug still fit with those customs double helix 3d printed mod installed ?
    Suwarna, Feb 6, 2017
  6. PinkyPowers
    Good question. I had to check just now, and yes, yes it does. The original cables snaps into place just fine.
    PinkyPowers, Feb 6, 2017
  7. BloodyPenguin
    Great review!  And that custom cable is fantastic, I  ̶w̶a̶n̶t̶ need one!
    BloodyPenguin, Feb 6, 2017
  8. HungryPanda
    Excellent review Pinky
    HungryPanda, Feb 7, 2017
  9. Malfunkt
    Thanks for the review Pinky, especially as I can relate having the LCD2. 
    Malfunkt, Feb 10, 2017
  10. sloowhand
    Mine are in the mail! The waiting is killing me!
    sloowhand, Feb 10, 2017
  11. Bansaku
    Great review; Very organic! Envious of the cable though! :P
    Bansaku, Feb 10, 2017
  12. br4lin
    Great review with killer pictures!
    br4lin, Feb 10, 2017
  13. Ray3rd
    Great review. I fell in love with them at CanJam NYC. Awesome cans especially for the price !
    Ray3rd, Feb 10, 2017
  14. PinkyPowers
    [user=390650]@Bansaku[/user] you cracked the cipher of the title! I award you one life. You have but to name a soul, and I shall take it for you.
    PinkyPowers, Feb 10, 2017
  15. sabloke
    Great review! You're wrong about PM-3 though, they're great on the go with an LG V20 and amazing with Mojo. I own both the PM-3 and the Classics and there are days when the woodies don't get much love because of the Oppos.I love them both though :)
    sabloke, Feb 10, 2017
  16. PinkyPowers
    That's expected. I haven't heard the PM-3 yet, so I was just going by what I'd read. Not an overly reliable means for one to draw conclusions, I admit.
    PinkyPowers, Feb 10, 2017
  17. Music freak
    Nice review. I agree with you mostly. When I compared the 99 classics against the HD 650, I found the 650 in another league. The 650 has higher resolution, the sound is more detailed, better textured and separated. Even the closed back DT 150 that sounds like the HD 650 beats the classics 99 by a fair margin. Although, the classics are really musical sounding cans that can put other portables to shame, it can't compete against the HD 650s..   
    Music freak, Feb 11, 2017
  18. fiascogarcia
    Good review Pinky!  Informative and entertaining!
    fiascogarcia, Feb 11, 2017
  19. krumley7882
    Great review!  Fun read!
    krumley7882, Feb 12, 2017
  20. kadamian
    Try the B&O H6v2 - it is better in every way
    kadamian, Feb 13, 2017
  21. antz123
    PP - Awesome review, and fun reading it. I still have to work on cable as directed by you, but I shall get there :)   Keep writing
    antz123, Feb 13, 2017
  22. senzen
    Great review, I too have greatly enjoyed my 99s. 
    senzen, Feb 13, 2017
  23. ModMax
    Nice review.  Very enjoyable read.  Quick question:  How is the isolation compared to the M2 in your opinion?
    ModMax, Apr 18, 2017