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  1. rickyleelee
    Really really in depth review job well written. Agree with most of what you say. borrowed my black label to two audio friends and they have put their m*je for sale. They shouldn't lose much money as they got it a a great discount - so was a good buy. I will send your review to them for them to read also. Good work!
    rickyleelee, Feb 1, 2017
  2. earfonia
    [user=380997]@rickyleelee[/user], Thank you!
    earfonia, Feb 2, 2017
  3. MLGrado
    nice!  I am still waiting on it.  I am near the end of the line for review.  I am also on the list to review the new Aune S6.  I am looking forward to that comparison!     I am curious about the cutoff you are talking about on PCM material.  Is it on PCM only?  Correct?  Hmmm.  Let me get my iDSD Micro out and have a listen.  This is not something I recall experiencing with my PC.  I think if I did have that issue I would remember because I would find it extremely annoying.  That is still one of the maddening things about USB audio, and I am sure it drives these companies crazy...  especially with PC audio, since hardware configs are practically unlimited in possible combinations, it is probably impossible to get it perfect for everyone.     I know over time these little glitches in the iFi software have improved immensely.  To the point where I felt the user experience was a good as one could expect considering all the functionality.  The software has come a long way, and I think that shows you both sides of the coin when your relatively small company has its own in house software and design team.  
    MLGrado, Feb 2, 2017
  4. MLGrado
    And thanks for the comparo with the Chord.  I have yet to hear a Chord product, but I know many swear by them. 
    MLGrado, Feb 2, 2017
  5. earfonia
    [user=393124]@MLGrado[/user], Looking forward to your review! The initial silence is short on my micro iDSD, but a bit longer on micro iDSD BL that starts to get me annoyed. Hope I could find the right setting with foobar to get rid of it. 
    earfonia, Feb 3, 2017