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  1. Whitigir
    Yes, Opus 2 is totally in for that balances and neutrality but yet very musical and soulful to me. Very good review Cleg .
    Whitigir, Jan 24, 2017
  2. cleg
    [user=378966]@Whitigir[/user] thank you for a feedback
    cleg, Jan 24, 2017
  3. PinkyPowers
    Would you say the Opus #1 is warmer than this DAP?
    PinkyPowers, Jan 24, 2017
  4. cleg
    [user=419286]@PinkyPowers[/user] mine OPUS#1 is in loaner tour in Ukraine, so I can't make a direct comparison, but as I remember (and I can be wrong, as memory isn't reliable here) OPUS#1 isn't warmer then this. OPUS#2 has better defined bass with better body, but they both are far from being warm to me. But precise answer can be given only after A/B testing
    cleg, Jan 24, 2017
  5. PinkyPowers
    Thanks. How about the driving power? Is it about the same as the Opus #1? I know you said the #2 isn't great for driving full cans, but I'm quite impressed by the output power found in this little #1 I'm testing.
    PinkyPowers, Jan 24, 2017
  6. cleg
    [user=419286]@PinkyPowers[/user] no, OPUS#2 is also good for "normal" full-size cans, it's just not enough for really tough models. It has 2.5 Vrms from balanced output, which is really OK.
    cleg, Jan 25, 2017
  7. Hi-Fi'er
    So is the EQ fixed on the #2 that it's in real time?
    Hi-Fi'er, Feb 2, 2017
  8. cleg
    Sorry, I didn't got your question
    cleg, Feb 2, 2017
  9. Hi-Fi'er
    When using the EQ on the #1 you have to stop the music and start again for the EQ to apply. Very annoying. Is that resolved on the #2?
    Hi-Fi'er, Feb 2, 2017
  10. cleg
    I've just checked with my OPUS#2 — changes in the EQ are almost instant and you can turn it on/off and adjust without stopping music.
    cleg, Feb 2, 2017
  11. Hi-Fi'er
    Nice! Looks like they fixed it. Thank you. I wonder how the #2 compares to the Cowon P1.
    Hi-Fi'er, Feb 2, 2017
  12. rolli1949
    Considering the price I think at least for me the I-Basso dx 200 offers much more value for the money you pay ! The prices for top of the line DAP players getting out of hand .Congratulation to I-Basso that is one of the few companies that can deliver a top DAP player below 1000 US . On the Hoizon is the new Nu Prime Omnia Portable player /Server/DAC/Headphone amp with and replaceable DAC module for the price of 1295 US that unit looks more future orientated. Don't get me wrong the Opus 2 is an excellent player sonic wise in the top league but the price is inflated it would be 990US I would say one of the best valued player on the market .
    rolli1949, Apr 6, 2017
  13. cleg
    DX200 is sometimes "too technical". With bad recordings it sounds miserable, showing all their flaws: bad staging, loosy treble and so on. So, OPUS#2 is better choice for styles, where good quality of tracks is rare
    cleg, Apr 6, 2017
  14. rolli1949
    That implies that the DX 200 is more honest and does not add coloration to it .I understand that bad recording should sound good but it is what it is . I have the same experience when using Roon in my I- Mac sometimes ! That is the problem with the music recordings to many below average recordings . 
    rolli1949, Apr 6, 2017