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  1. DarktoreS
    Other solution you Massdrop HD6xx is not good for the IDSD-BL... I have very good result with my Beyer DT1770/1990, or HD800 ! 
    DarktoreS, Jan 5, 2017
  2. silvrr
    I had the same result on the treble with the HD6XX and my Ether Cs.  Maybe they just aren't a good match as you said. 
    silvrr, Jan 5, 2017
  3. DarktoreS
    I think is not good for planar headphone, I have tested the Hifiman Edition-X V2 for not good result... With the Focal Elear same result ! The IDSD BL is very good, many option's but is not for all headphone. I have just tested the last Beyerdynamic Amiron, for me is clear I prefer the DT1990 on IDSD-BL.
    DarktoreS, Jan 5, 2017
  4. MLGrado
    the idea that ultimate quality is sacrificed in the name of features and an attempt to be a 'jack of all trades' isn't exactly correct here.     If you talk to the designer, he will tell you that when the iDSD crowd design received the go-ahead, he named a price point.  And that price point was NOT the added cost of the extra features.  Many of the features were not that costly to implement.  iFi has its own in-house software team.  Rather, a large portion of the added chunk of change went directly to the meat and potatoes stuff.. sound quality.     Now, I will agree that there are some little nitpicks, which is expected honestly when there is this much under the hood.     But regardless of these little things, I cannot disagree more with your rating.  The DAC section alone in this amp is competitive with pretty much anything in the under $1000 range.  Now, I say competitive.  Better?  No.  Better than its direct competitors in the $500 and under range?  Better than most, as good as any.  And then you get all those features on top of that.  
    MLGrado, Jan 5, 2017
  5. silvrr
    [user=393124]@MLGrado[/user] I never said they compromised for cost or that it isn't a sonically good amp/dac.  Its compromised in function.  Its to big to be truly portable (ala the Chord Mojo) and while trying to keep the size down you have to compromise for things like standard connectors and on a desktop amp I like a nice big volume knob.  Furthermore the fact you NEED their cables/adapters to use the BL is just odd to me.  
    silvrr, Jan 5, 2017
  6. rickyleelee
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    The Jot is a headphone amp i think, how did you compare the dac sound? I'm confused.
    rickyleelee, Jan 6, 2017
  7. silvrr
    • This message has been removed from public view.
    [user=380997]@rickyleelee[/user] The Jot is a DAC and AMP just like the BL.  The Jot can be configured as just an amp, and AMP and DAC or and AMP and Phono preamp.  I compared the Jot with DAC to the BL.   A bit of a Amp and DAC comparison.   
    silvrr, Jan 6, 2017
  8. rickyleelee
    Hey man long review and covered a lot. though to critize it for being a bad battery charge or average dac is very hard and I have heard other stuff at higher price ponts that sound s*it that are raved about here. at end it may not be oyour sound but guess you tried the power and imatch settings to get things rite for your hphones. the cable is for droid and apple phone - they all have female a sockets. they dont make you buy their cables bro
    rickyleelee, Jan 6, 2017
  9. ZetsuBozu0012
    Thanks for your insight, [user=365069]@silvrr[/user]. I own the original iDSD Micro and have to say I agree with most of your findings, save for the high-end being particularly pronounced (I paired mine with DT880s, for poop's sake!). I admit I was somewhat tempted to upgrade when I heard there was a new release, but the orange-on-black aesthetic and minimal improvements don't really do much for me; might just get a Jotunheim and relegate the iDSD to DAC service. Hope you're too discouraged by the negative feedback, critical reviews are almost always poorly received for some reason :P   I'm on Android and ordinary micro USB/TypeC to USB-OTG cables work well enough when I'm running music out of my mobile. The supplied blue one is good enough for regular desktop use. Not quite sure you necessarily have to use iFi's own stuff, though some would argue the SQ is superior that way. And hey, I find the power-bank functionality useful! Saves me having to carry an extra gadget to and from school/work. You wouldn't believe the number of times the iDSD saved my ass when I was stranded with a dying phone, haha.
    ZetsuBozu0012, Mar 24, 2017