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  1. Condocondor
    Loved your review.  I've had my Micro iDSD BLACK LABEL unit for about 3 weeks now.  I listen primarily with the Beyerdynamic T5p Second Generation headphones and the experience is pure joy!  I listen primarily to Youtube music videos such as "Live at Darryl's House" and I do it for hours on end with no fatigue.  In most cases I can get away with the X-Bass+ and 3D switches engaged which is really a treat.  Sometimes the material won't allow for the 3D+ engaged as it boosts the treble too much on some tracks. Being new to the headphone hobby, the only comparison I have is with the LH Labs Geekout family of Dac/Amps.  But very clearly the iDSD BL bests the Geekout(s) in dynamics, smoothness, authority, sound staging, naturalness, cleanliness, ease/effortless of sound, etc.  I love the thickness and body of the sound that makes the music really sound like a true live event.  I recommend listening in battery mode all the time and recharging after every single listening session because the sound is quite a bit superior to operating of USB power.  This is accomplished by turning the unit on BEFORE plugging in the USB cable to my laptop.  If you plug the USB cable in first before you turn the unit on, then your operating off dirty USB power--which still sounds good but not "AS" good.  My unit has perhaps 30 hours on it now and it already sounds better than straight out of the box.  Be wary of reviewers that say negative things without allowing at least a full 200 hours of burn-in time.   All of my electronics have benefited from accumulated hours of use and in all cases I find that the sound relaxes allowing the sound staging to open up and music less congested. Overall, let me just say that the iDSD BL is a pleasure and a joy to listen with with it's smooth, warm, full bodied, sound.  Yep, I second the vote--get one.          
    Condocondor, Jan 2, 2017
  2. Aerosphere
    [user=368994]@Condocondor[/user] Thank you for your kind words, I am glad that you liked the review! :)
    Aerosphere, Jan 3, 2017
  3. JKDJedi
    Never heard a dac/amp needing burn in time before, interesting. Maybe I should have kept the iFi micro Ican SE? Naw...my iFi iDSD BL will be here Monday! 
    JKDJedi, Feb 18, 2017
  4. PxOR
    I am seriously considering one but i am afraid of the channel imbalance at the lower side of the pot because i do plan to use some sensitive IEMs with it too. so far i have seen people say it's not an issue at all to very apparent...which is really not helping :D. What would you say about that?
    PxOR, Mar 6, 2017
  5. khaja
    EXCELLENT review. You help me to buy best doc/amp while I was confuse which one should I buy. now I bought it and I am very happy to use it.....Thanks
    khaja, Apr 1, 2017
  6. slingshot80
    Very thorough review. Seems to offer the most at the price point. I will connect it to mono amps in my office to drive some small Monitor Audio speakers.  I will check out the headphone capabilities also. 
    slingshot80, Apr 19, 2017