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  1. glassmonkey
    Great review! I love that you used it in your big speaker setup. Your comparisons were very useful and should be of great assistance to anyone considering iFi gear.   Thanks for your contribution! Big thumbs up.
    glassmonkey, Jan 1, 2017
  2. miceblue
    Nice write up! Where did you come up with the "this thing should finally settle in sonically after about 400-500 hours of playback" statistic though on a unit you had for a week?
    miceblue, Jan 1, 2017
  3. dsnyder
    Fair question...I picked that up during a conversation with Mr. Zero Fidelity himself, Sean Fowler.
    dsnyder, Jan 1, 2017
  4. MLGrado
    I never noticed the pop on power up with my iDSD Micro Silver.  I did notice it with the Black Label.  It isn't that unusual.. I think it indicates lack of a muting relay that would add cost/complexity and is one more item in the signal chain that isn't absolutely necessary.     Via my Audeze LCD-X headphones, which, for Audeze, are high sensitivity with very easy to drive low impedance, the thunk was merely just an annoyance.  Not anywhere near loud enough for me to be worried about any possible damage to downstream components.    It may be more inconvenience, but if it truly worries you, keeping your headphones unplugged until after power on is a workable solution.  I will also note this only happens via the headphone output.  No such thunks on the RCA outputs (at least not in fixed mode)   I agree about the increased presence and air.  It is especially welcomed (being done in a quite tasteful amount) in the upper mid lower treble.  Everything has just a bit more life and sparkle.  But I still would not go so far as to characterize the BL as bright.  Actually, as we move on up into the treble the sound is very smooth, sweet, and grain free.  No hint of listener fatigue.    Back in 2014 I had a discussion with Thorsten Loesch about the USB type A input.  My concern at the time was possible compromise in fidelity when using the Gemini cable.  The extra cable or adapter seemed to be a potential weak spot where any gains achieved via separation of the power and data feeds could be lost.  Thorsten didn't seem to think the difference would be significant, and I am guessing their lab measurements showed little actual difference.  But that is just a guess.  For me the biggest issue I have is the clunkyness of the heavy aluminum termination on the Gemini cable combined with the added length and weight of the iPurifier 2 and/or the required adapter.  All of those combined together plus gravity puts quite a downward strain on the connector.  
    MLGrado, Feb 13, 2017
  5. dsnyder
    ​ I still contend that the loud POP effectively renders the preamplifier output function of these micro iDSD DACs useless for those who otherwise might consider connecting them directly to powered monitors or poweramps. Disappointing also since the much less costly iFi nano iDSD DACs do not seem to have this issue. Obviously, iFi [i]knows[/i] how to build a device that does not emit a huge "POP" upon power-up or wake-up from sleep, but they didn't bother for their flagship micro iDSD models. Like the type A input, I'll continue to complain loudly until I feel that I've been heard.  :-)   As I said, how the BL sounds really depends on the system in which it operates. With the Grado RS2e headphones, it sounds bright (trust me), but it was delightful with the Sennheiser HD600's and totally fine in my Legacy Audio FOCUS SE based big rig.     Your note about the conversation with Thorsten is helpful; however, the adapter is still appalling. I agree with you on the weight issue as well. Again, going with a type A (or micro USB) input [i]almost[/i] makes sense with the ultra-portable nano iDSD products. I personally think it was a terrible choice on the larger, heavier micro iDSD models. This is the sort of thing that sometimes happens when something is designed by committee, sadly.
    dsnyder, Mar 16, 2017