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  1. glassmonkey
    I didn't have any problems with low volume, but folks will tell you that I don't listen too quiet. If you have channel imbalances at low volume, this should actually be pretty easy to solve, all you need to do is adjust the IEM match switch on the right side of the unit. It gives a lot more play in the volume control and makes ideal volume higher round on the potentiometer.   The Mojo is a wonderful DAC/Amp, but it can't drive an HE-6. We'll have to agree to disagree on whether it does well driving an HD600. I'm somewhat surprised that the HE-6 and K1000 didn't get thrown at this. The HD800 is really sensitive, so isn't hard to drive fully as full size TOTL cans go (HD600 is harder). I was really looking forward to that test with a comparison to the mini-beast. I think the biggest selling point of the iDSD BL is it's no compromise matchability. DSD music? Plays natively. DXD? Native. Super sensitive Noble K10E? No problem. HD600 midrange difficulty to drive headphone, also no problem. I was really hoping to find out if this did better than the iCAN SE did driving the demanding cans. Neither of us were that moved by the iCAN SE with the HE-6 or the K1000. As of now the question of iDSD BL plus super power hungry beast of a headphone is unanswered. Maybe somebody will throw the LCD4 at it later. :D
    glassmonkey, Dec 22, 2016
  2. Takeanidea
    The HE-6s and K1000s are not really suited to this sort of power . They need speaker amps to sound at their best my friend. It's a waste of my time putting them through this sort of stuff. They need lots and lots of power. The HD800 is fine for the iDSD but anything beyond that sensitivity wise I'm gonna hook up to a big amp everytime and that's the truth.
    Takeanidea, Dec 22, 2016
  3. Uberclocked
    Does it hiss with sensitive iems?  The Mojo has a small, albeit noticeable, amount of hiss with sensitive iems.
    Uberclocked, Dec 22, 2016
  4. Takeanidea
    • This message has been removed from public view.
    Nope it doesn't have hiss due to the 3 selectors. I don't worry about hiss too much I'm afraid and as it's gone it's too late to check for sure. Don't worry too much about hiis. I have a 50 Watt per channel power amp pure class A. It hisses like a mad thing before th music starts on my low impedance stuff, but by god when the music starts!
    Takeanidea, Dec 22, 2016
  5. Takeanidea
    Nope I don't think it has hiss due to the 3 selectors. I don't worry about hiss too much I'm afraid and as it's gone it's too late to check for sure. Don't worry too much about hiis. I have a 50 Watt per channel power amp pure class A. It hisses like a mad thing before the music starts on my low impedance stuff, but by god when the music starts! Hiss is merely a prelude to the magic.
    Takeanidea, Dec 22, 2016
  6. Takeanidea
    [user=405267]@Uberclocked[/user] never once have I worried about hiss on my Mojo. OTG interference yes, hiss no. Not a bit.
    Takeanidea, Dec 22, 2016
  7. Torq
    Nice write-up!   I have to say that Mojo definitely hisses with very sensitive, low-impedance, IEMs (e.g. SE846).  You personally may not be able to hear it, but it's there.  Enough to worry about?  No, definitely not, you have to listen for it even with no music playing, but even the designer acknowledges its presence (one easy fix is a simple inline attenuator, iFi's ieMatch works as well).   Interesting that the channel balance at low volume came up.  This was literally the first thing I noticed with the iDSD BL.  That was using it to drive the Fostex/Massdrop TH-X00 Purpleheart ... had to wind the volume around to 10:30, nearly 11:00 o'clock in "Normal" mode for it to go away completely.  At 9:30 one channel is audible and the other is silent.  That, and the size, are really the only two negatives I could find with it.   I own both, and they both have their place.  The iDSD BL is hugely more flexible, and can be used for some interesting things beyond just being a DAC/Amp ... and is something I ultimately prefer the sound of over the Mojo both with IEMs and full-size cans.
    Torq, Dec 28, 2016
  8. Torq
    [user=405267]@Uberclocked[/user]    Just tried the iDSD BL into my SE846 (114 dB SPL/mw and 9 ohms) purely to listen for hiss.  No hiss at all if you put the IEMatch switch in either the "High" or "Ultra" sensitivity positions.  This remains true regardless of which power-mode I'm in.  If I turn IEMatch OFF then there's some low level hiss (a bit more than with Mojo).   Using an IEMatch dongle with Mojo fixes things up there nicely too.
    Torq, Dec 28, 2016
  9. JamieCole
    Nice review and write up! Thanks for sharing your opinions. The iDSDBL seems to be a well received bit of kit.  [user=433805]@Torq[/user] What's the headroom like with the TH-X00 on 'Normal' mode. You mentioned the channel imbalance until 11 o'clock or so, how loud are we talking here? Cheers! 
    JamieCole, Dec 28, 2016
  10. Torq
    [user=383363]@JamieCole[/user]    It's fine - not too loud (below my normal listening levels) by the time it's all even ... and there's plenty of headroom still (in normal mode, it'll drive the TH-X00 far louder than I'd ever dare listen).   Note that the "switch on point" with my volume control is at 8:30, and in re-testing with the TH-X00 it's actually closer to 10:30 that the imbalance is completely gone, so it's not quite as bad as I thought.  Probably some degree of sample variation/tolerance there.
    Torq, Dec 28, 2016
  11. deskmate
    Thank you for a very nice review.    I too have the iDSD BL and the Mojo, my findings are a bit different from yours.  To me, the iDSD BL is significantly better than the mojo in most areas.  It has better definition, better resolution, better control, more solid and full body, and more musically.   The mojo sounded fuzzy and a layer of white haze has been masked on top of the music when compares to the iDSD BL, but I guess this can sound soft and comfy sometimes, different strokes for different blokes :D
    deskmate, Dec 28, 2016
  12. Whitigir
    Nice works!
    Whitigir, Dec 29, 2016
  13. Takeanidea
    [user=61227]@deskmate[/user]  [user=378966]@Whitigir[/user]  thanks very much for your comments. [user=61227]@deskmate[/user] it's great that you have come to a different conclusion than me. All too often people jump onto a bandwagon following a reviewers opinion on something. I would rather you all listened for yourselves,. we all have different expectations as to what we want from our sound signature; sometimes we don't even know what we want until we hear it. It's all very subtle and very subjective. A mix of opinions should reflect that. 
    Takeanidea, Dec 29, 2016
  14. gunwale
    Thanks OP for the files.   I am a audiophile wannabe with he 400i and sound blaster e5 wanting to get some schiit, idsd or mojo.   TBH both of them sounded great.    There were two tracks and I couldn't really tell the difference for "She's a river".   As for the other one, Ed sheeran was a little further away in iDSD.   I tested parting glass on tidal with my sound blaster and it sounded similar to mojo.   Anyways, I am going to test the real mojo tomorrow at some audio shop but is kinda hard to find the iDSD BL.   Cheers.
    gunwale, Dec 29, 2016
  15. ngoshawk
    Meant to compliment you on your excellent review earlier. Sorry about that. A very thorough write up and well deserved front page material. I was honored (and am!) to be part of the tour with such seasoned vets as you and others. I am very intrigued by the ART phono pre-amp. I have an NAD running from my Linn Axis to my Arcam, but it does not have the capabilities of the ART. I may have to investigate that piece! Again, congrats, thorough, well written, details of the important information; and backed by good stuff. I will PM you later for the music tracks, as I did not have a Mojo with which to compare the BL when I had it. Cheers! :beers:
    ngoshawk, Dec 29, 2016
  16. Takeanidea
    The ART is great fun for showing you guys the differences between players and also for vinyl rips. I have given my turntable away now so I have more time to do some of these comparisons. It costs £75 but it is simple and effective. I'll send you a PM
    Takeanidea, Dec 29, 2016
  17. thatguyuphigh
    Sorry if you already answered this somewhere else but what is that thing attached to your Mojo? 
    thatguyuphigh, Dec 30, 2016
  18. Takeanidea
    The 2nd to last picture is an RHA DL1 Dacamp Mojo stack. The last picture is an Ibasso DX100 Mojo stack. The DX100 does Coax Optical and line out and will run 4 outputs at once so it's quite versatile for reviews as well as sounding amazing on it's own, let alone with a Mojo
    Takeanidea, Dec 30, 2016
  19. Takeanidea
    [user=466509]@gunwale[/user]  the differences to me are quite clear but I have cheated a little by listening many many times with everything from $20 IEMs to AKG K1000s. If you aren't noticing the differences then I don't think you need to spend so much money on stuff like this. The money might be better invested in different headphones as they are much easier to pick up the differences on. It's a blessing for you that you are not hearing the differences, or perhaps, imagining the differences.....
    Takeanidea, Dec 30, 2016
  20. Takeanidea
    The files are Ed Sheeran Parting Glass live at Wembley 90 second excerpt and Simple Minds She's a River 90 second excerpt - I have linked them in the review now
    Takeanidea, Dec 30, 2016
  21. gunwale
    now i am thinking of getting the grace m9xx since it was made available again a few days ago.   is there anyone who have tried both idsd bl and m9xx?
    gunwale, Jan 4, 2017