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  1. DarktoreS
    Hi and thanks for the test.   However I do not see any reference on the amplifier that you used for the test, the same for different musical styles? I have to say that according to me in this area of $ 1000 I do not see anything so well that a Elear
    DarktoreS, Nov 16, 2016
  2. CarlosUnchained
    They put into shame HD800 and LCD-2?
    CarlosUnchained, Nov 16, 2016
  3. bosiemoncrieff
    Can you mention some of the music you listened to on it? And how they compare to HD800S in more than just soundstage?
    bosiemoncrieff, Nov 16, 2016
  4. Sonic Defender
    I very much doubt the Elear puts the HD800S or LCD2 to shame CarlosUnchained. I'm sure some will prefer the Elear, but that is a preference thing. I owned both the 800S and LCD2F at the same time and both were very special with the 800S I think being my favourite headphone to date.
    Sonic Defender, Nov 16, 2016
  5. ericp10
    How does it compare to the Beyer T1?
    ericp10, Nov 16, 2016
  6. AnakChan
    [user=179845]@DarktoreS[/user] the amp I used whilst listening/reviewing is the Eddie Current Zana Deux self-customed SE for the low/high gain. I tried with Jazz vocals, classical, and funk. [user=460472]@CarlosUnchained[/user] & [user=421839]@bosiemoncrieff[/user] the tonal balance are just different with the HD800S. These are more just warm by comparison. In terms of detail retrieval and resolution though, I'd be hard pressed to say if either were more than each other.   [user=138947]@ericp10[/user], sadly I don't nor have heard a Beyer T1's long enough to remember its signature.
    AnakChan, Nov 16, 2016
  7. ericp10
    Okay, thanks for your response. Good review. 
    ericp10, Nov 16, 2016
  8. joeq70
    [user=138947]@ericp10[/user] The Beyer T1 is awful compared to the Elear. [user=421839]@bosiemoncrieff[/user]  The HD800S has less midbass than the Elear. The HD800S has also tighter bass (though I would not call Elear bass loose). The HD800S is more detailed than the Elear and the tone leans brighter overall. Both the Elear and HD800 have lively, energetic presentations, with the HD800S being the more engaging of the two. Both are good headphones and the "better" one will come down to preference. It is worth noting that in my experience you need to spend more money to make the HD800S sing than the Elear, which sound good even out of modest gear.
    joeq70, Nov 17, 2016
  9. LajostheHun
    @joeq70 I like that last sentence, to me a HP that amplifier "agnostic" is simply better engineered.
    LajostheHun, Nov 17, 2016
  10. ericp10
    @joeq70, thanks for your input. Well, if you think the Elear and HD800(s) are more compatible in sound than I know it won't be my preferred sound signature. I happen to think the T1 is fantastic! So for you to say it sounds awful compared to the Elear, but the HD800s is more engaging than the the French headphone, yeah, it won't be for me. Thanks again.
    ericp10, Nov 17, 2016
  11. ericp10
    I should make it clear, I am speaking of the T1 v2. I've never heard the first T1. I've been told they are quite different.
    ericp10, Nov 17, 2016
  12. doctorjazz
    I have a review sample of the Elear, haven't evaluated it yet, but don't have the above cans to compare to. My references would be HEK, HE-560, maybe Koss ESP-950 (different technology, price about the same, though Koss includes amp/energizer). Maybe the new, soon to come ZMF...
    doctorjazz, Nov 22, 2016
  13. No-name
    [user=138947]@ericp10[/user] They are at similar level of audio quality. T1 v2 are overall more balanced than Elear who has a slightly down-ward tuning. The size of  sound stage is almost the same. Elear sounds deeper on bass while T1 sounds better on treble extension. The Elear wins on dynamic response while T1 works better on imaging. T1 sounds smoother on treble but you need some good amp/dac to make it shine while Elear sounds fine even plug it directly into a smartphone.
    No-name, Dec 7, 2016
  14. jaredjcrandall8
    I noticed the woo wa8, which headphone do you think works best with it? How did the elear do with the wa8?  Thanks!
    jaredjcrandall8, Dec 21, 2016