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  1. Whitigir
    Excellent review with details and professional views. So Utopia wins the ultimate "best headphones in the world" atm
    Whitigir, Nov 15, 2016
  2. thatonenoob
    Thanks [user=378966]@Whitigir[/user]!  The Utopia shares a spot right next the SR009 in my book (the first headphone that took my heart with its ethereal highs). :P
    thatonenoob, Nov 15, 2016
  3. Subhakar
    F.i.n.a.l.l.y  s.o.m.e.o.n.e.
    Subhakar, Nov 15, 2016
  4. grizzlybeast
    • This message has been removed from public view.
    good job dude
    grizzlybeast, Nov 15, 2016
  5. grizzlybeast
    good job dude. Also says its not for me. Having heard the Odin as well myself I would most likely pick it as well. 
    grizzlybeast, Nov 15, 2016
  6. beowulf
    Great job [user=406400]@thatonenoob[/user], it was worth the wait. In general I agree with many of your findings, especially the lower mids getting a bit foggy with certain tracks where the slower bass is noticed seems to be the price to pay for the sheer fun and that visceral thump you get with most of the music. I also know what you mean about the pads being a bit too small in diameter, touching some ears, despite that, I'd still give them 10/10 in comfort. Also curious about the comments on the Utopia and soundstage, given that's one of the major criticisms I've heard about the Focals, but then again, they are an open design so maybe it can still surpass the Z1R.
    beowulf, Nov 15, 2016
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  7. cerol
    Why suddenly the picture of Kennerton Odin? That would have been interesting to compare also!
    cerol, Nov 15, 2016
  8. thatonenoob
    Thanks [user=352758]@grizzlybeast[/user] - indeed, different cans, though I would lean to the Odin too.   [user=266]@beowulf[/user] -Glad to hear, and indeed, no doubt in my mind that the Utopia has a larger soundstage.  Z1R for closed can is substantial.   [user=126690]@cerol[/user] - Originally wanted to do that, but then decided to save it for the Odin review.
    thatonenoob, Nov 15, 2016
  9. purk
    Great review indeed!  Was it the HEK V2 or V1 that you used in the part of the review?  Did you able to drive any of these phones in balanced?  The HEK V2 is likely the most difficult to drive in this list beside the Audeze phones.
    purk, Nov 15, 2016
  10. thatonenoob
    I used the HEK V2, but not in balanced. Perhaps I do need to try it in balanced mode, as I have heard good things about the setup. Part of me doesn't really agree with the Hifiman sig, which may be one of the reasons the comparison seems a bit more negative than usual. However, I do recognize the HEK as being the generally better can, especially mids wise.
    thatonenoob, Nov 15, 2016
  11. fritobugger
    I tried these at a portable audio show last weekend and was very surprised at how good these sound. These are simply the best closed headphone I have heard, besting the XC and Ether C.  They were offering them for around $1800 at the show.  I am kicking myself a little for not getting the.  I would say that I didn't find the bass to be as prominent as the review indicates but that may reflect my choice of music.  Getting this level of comfort and sound quality from a closed can puts these in a really special place.
    fritobugger, Nov 16, 2016
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  12. purk
    [user=406400]@thatonenoob[/user]   Yes, the HEK V2 need a lot of power to shine.  I have found them to be soft sounding out of lusher amplifier.  You will have a better luck pairing them with a powerful solidstate sounding amplifier such as the GS-X MKII.  I'm using SuSy Dynahi which is a DIY amp to drive mine.  It is more or less a GS-X MKII on a steroid.  I almost want to say that every reviewer need two reference amps at their disposal with one being solidstate sounding while another be slightly warmer and lusher sounding to bring out the best from each headphones.   Synergy can really make or break a system here.  IMO, of course.
    purk, Nov 16, 2016
  13. thatonenoob
    @purk certainly interesting point. I ran them put of the Hugo TT and cma800i, but i found it unimpressive. Perhaps we need to find a better synergy. Just as the t1 benefits from a good pairing. Then again, I do not own HEK, and am not interested in the stock sound enough to outfit a whole system for it (whereas the t1 stock sound shows me good potential). I shall try it again soon.
    thatonenoob, Nov 16, 2016
  14. ericohgb
    Thanks a lot for the review and comparisons. If possible, could compare the SONY with the ETHER C? 
    ericohgb, Nov 16, 2016
  15. ericohgb
    @ [user=406400]thatonenoob[/user]   I do also own the Utopia and the 009. I have enjoyed a lot the Focal. Great dynamic headphone. But I don't think it can match the Stax 009 in overall SQ. The Utopia sounds more like the 007 IMHO. What's your opnion? Best regards.   
    ericohgb, Nov 16, 2016
  16. thatonenoob
    [user=143754]@ericohgb[/user] I do not have the Ether C Flow around for comparison.  I didn't really like the original Ether C, and found the imaging to be off -but then again I haven't heard it many times and I've only had experience with one unit (It's really hard to find and test in SG).  The 009 and Utopia are different I agree! Which is why I have both sitting on my "endgame" list.  The 009 highs are spectacular, and that's still one of the things that really gets me when I listen to it.
    thatonenoob, Nov 16, 2016
  17. raypin
    Mm....have both the Utopia and the SR 009 (just got it yesterday). I also had the pleasure of auditioning the Sony Z1R for a short time. Looking for a really good closed-back (to add to my Ether C and Foster TH 900). The Z1R is an impressive closed-back headphone. I was particularly impressed with the build , light weight and ergonomics. It sat perfectly on my head. Sound-wise, I need more time to re-audition but what I had in mind to choose is the Z1R or the Audeze LCD XC. Thanks to this review, I now have solid leads on which to get. I am leaning towards the Sony.
    raypin, Nov 16, 2016
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  18. EDN80
    Great review. Some thoughts on how sound compares to AKG K812? Especially for classical?
    EDN80, Nov 16, 2016
  19. pytter
    Thanks for the great review - excellent work!
    pytter, Nov 16, 2016
  20. thatonenoob
    [user=154560]@raypin[/user] glad that it helped!  I think you won't be disappointed with the Z1R. [user=440182]@EDN80[/user] If you like a realistic classical rendering, K812 as far as I am concerned.  Maybe I shall put up a more complete comparison in the future.  However, one is open and the other is closed....so that's another factor to consider. [user=141659]@pytter[/user] Thanks! 
    thatonenoob, Nov 16, 2016
  21. EDN80
    Thank you! Always loved the AKGs for classical and opera - detail, instrument reproduction, separation, etc... and the K812 can do all music genres pretty well with bass and heft when needed. Intrigued though with the Z1R's large drivers (no rational reason), the Sony sound, and never owned a pair of high-end closed hp...
    EDN80, Nov 16, 2016
  22. raypin
    Mm....the Z1R, from my brief listening yesterday, is a bassy headphone. I think it would benefit a lot more with using an Astell & Kern rather than, say, the Sony ZX2, the former being neutralish and the latter, bass-oriented. It is also easy-to-drive, no need to use a powerful amp. Meaning, the Z1R appears to be the perfect commuter's headphone. Excellent sound isolation, minimal sound leakage, supremely comfortable and all you need is a portable DAP to enjoy world-class headphone listening. That's what I got from my brief audition.
    raypin, Nov 16, 2016
  23. Hardstuff57
    Awesome, balanced review. So the Z1R and the Teac HA 501 is a solid pairing?  Thanks.
    Hardstuff57, Nov 17, 2016
  24. thatonenoob
    [user=154560]@raypin[/user]  definitely need something netural --to possibly (slightly brighter).  Would be great.  This does benefit from more power too.   [user=429758]@Hardstuff57[/user] , thank you!  I tried it with the UD-501, not the HA-501 alone...did find that it was solid!
    thatonenoob, Nov 17, 2016
  25. mrtim6
    Thanks for the excellent review I would buy you a beer if I was in your town! Really enjoyed the objective honest commentary in the videos. The way you described your biases was extremely fair and made the whole review far more authentic. Sometimes there are far too many gushing reviews, where the reviewer does not let the reader know what the reviewer's biases. Really top effort review of the year for me.
    mrtim6, Nov 17, 2016
  26. thatonenoob
    [user=182027]@mrtim6[/user] Thank you...it is high praise.  I'll gladly take you up on the offer for a beer though ;P.
    thatonenoob, Nov 19, 2016
  27. GoDiSLoVe
    Thanks for the review! I got a chance to try Z1R with NW-WM1Z player and (with and without) TA-ZH1ES amp. To tell the truth I am not big fan of Sony headphones.   But these headphones (combined with  NW-WM1Z) literally gave me goosebumps. It's nothing like I have heard before.
    GoDiSLoVe, Dec 29, 2016
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  28. ephrank
    Comparison with HD800/S also missing by accident?
    ephrank, Mar 27, 2017
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  29. Lohb
    Sony FTW. They have nailed this balance of technicalities and MUSICALITY..who would have THUNK a company would dial-and-dial to make their gear the pinnacle of MUSICALITY vs just being lost in the technical side. Great review.
    Lohb, May 2, 2019
  30. Lohb
    Simply no comparison between BGVP DM6 and IER-Z1R due the massive price gap ?
    Lohb, May 2, 2019