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  1. jinxy245
    Another great review...thanks! (Damn, I'm starting to sound like a parrot...hope you don't mind the praise...I really do enjoy your reviews.) I've been dying to heat Andromeda, hopefully I should get a chance at CanJam NYC. I'm glad to "hear" that they sound similar to U6, so hopefully I won't come down with a case of Upgraditis...  I took advantage of 64 Audio's summer sale & picked them up....my favorite IEM I've ever heard (so far...haven't heard THAT many). Great review, though.   A few editing issues though (we canall use an editor, I think)...   "...arranged with a dual BA for the lows, single BA for the mids and dual BA for the lows"   "...and now fully appreciating what a onderful IEM this is."
    jinxy245, Oct 19, 2016
  2. Brooko
    Thanks Jinxy - been a bit of pressure on lately.  I should be better than that with my edits ...... your corrections much appreciated.
    Brooko, Oct 20, 2016
  3. justjag
    Great review as always, Brooko! The Andromedas are indeed wonderfully balanced and they do possess an expansive soundstage despite being a fully sealed BA design. I did note however that the upper mids are somewhat blunted resulting in a smooth upper midrange that is free of sibilance. Unfortunately, this results in a loss of dynamism making the Andromedas a little too laid back for my tastes. This is compounded by the fact that the bass on the Andromedas, while great for a BA setup, still lack body and impact compared to dynamic driver designs. What is your take on this? 
    justjag, Oct 22, 2016
  4. Brooko
    Thanks.  I guess it depends what you're looking for. Personally I regard my U6 (which have almost identical tuning to the Andromeda) to be practically perfect bass for my tastes.  And I prefer BA bass when tuned properly - its simply quicker and better defined (again for my personal preferences).  And it doesn't matter if the driver is dynamic or BA - its all in the tuning anyway.  I'm afraid I can't agree with you that the Andromeda isn't dynamic in it's tuning.  I think it may be just your taste.  May be you prefer more of a V shape perhaps, or simply more lower end warmth.  Nothing wrong with that - I just prefer less colouration. . But the one thing I couldn't ever say the Andromeda lacks is body.
    Brooko, Oct 23, 2016
  5. KB
    Brooko,   As always super thorough and well done. I might mention that extra facets on the shell where the pressure points that you yourself had suggested we re calibrate early on with the Jupiter we did adjust, do you recall this? I sent you a 2d drawing of the shell and then you circled your pressure points to which we added a few new facets to smooth these points. The IEMs you have in your review here are the non faceted versions. I felt like we did not have to do this since few customers had complained about this issue. But in doing so would really only help out the small percentage of folks that did find the pressure point a problem. So anyhow again sir thank you for your feedback a while ago, we did use it.   Great review!   Ken
    KB, Oct 24, 2016
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  6. Brooko
    Thanks Ken - and yes I definitely recall it.  I also think you told me at the time that experimenting with tips would help with the fit, and it was definitely the case.  Curious if the final Andromeda was one of the 4 prototypes I originally tried?  Anyway - outstanding IEM Ken.  If I didn't already have the U6, the Andromeda would have been on my definite buy / endgame list.  And thanks again for the chance to be included in the tours.
    Brooko, Oct 24, 2016
  7. Jalo
    Brooko, thank you for the excellent review on the Andromeda. I hope you will do one with the Vega now. I always enjoy the full disclosure of your review style. I had the u12 with B1 for a few months and I sold it due to a lack of upper mid and treble. Too dark for me. In comparison, the Andro gave me everything that the U12 lacks. And now with the Vega, I've found the bass that I missed from the U12 and more. May I ask If you can define for me the frequency range that you use in your review for me? what do you consider as sub bass (below 40hz?), mid bass (40-200?), low mid (200-1000?), mid (1000-4000?)etc. I don't know if there are universal standards to these ranges as I run into them differently in other places. Thanks again.
    Jalo, Oct 25, 2016
  8. canali
    brooko...kudos on another good review...have you ever compared it to the UERR? and are the details etc much more present than the 'great bang for buck' FLC 8S
    canali, Oct 25, 2016
  9. Brooko
    [user=64143]@Jalo[/user] - I appreciate the feedback. If Ken has the Vega touring and I get the chance I'll probably review it.  Haven't heard the U12 - but sounds like you'd appreciate the U6 more. When I was first "honing my skills" with reviewing - I used this a lot : [url=http://www.independentrecording.net/irn/resources/freqchart/main_display.htm]http://www.independentrecording.net/irn/resources/freqchart/main_display.htm[/url] For me : Sub bass = 0-60 Hz, mid-bass  = 60-250 Hz, lower mids = 250 Hz - 1kHz, upper mids = 1 kHz to ~5 kHz, lower treble = 5kHz to 10 kHz, upper treble = 10 kHz +
    Brooko, Oct 26, 2016
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  10. Brooko
    [user=6359]@canali[/user] - sorry, haven't heard the UERR.  Maybe ask Alex (Twister6)?  The extension on Androeda, and overall balance and presentation of detail is (to me) much better on the Andromeda.
    Brooko, Oct 26, 2016
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