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  1. AManAnd88Keys
    The review details show, as far as I know, average scores (there's more than one review). I had the same question when I did a review some time ago :)
    AManAnd88Keys, Sep 21, 2016
  2. Ahmad313
    Excellent impressions,  How about the soundstage and instruments separatio,,???? 
    Ahmad313, Sep 21, 2016
  3. proedros
    ''unrivaled clarity/resolution'' just curious, have you tried NT6 ? or is this 'unrivaled clarity' just  typical 'new toy' enthusiasm vibe? btw , since both katana reviews here focus on the 'too expensive part' , for those on a budget, nt6 is probably as good as katana , but costs almost half the katana price people who are looking for reference yet musical signatures, should definitely check out NT6   cheers :-)
    proedros, Sep 22, 2016
  4. tomscy2000
    [user=158478]@proedros[/user] If the NT6 (demo) and Katana (universal) are to be compared, the Katana would be slightly less bright in the upper treble, leading to a little more perceived bass (because of less brightness up top). The two will have similar levels of midrange presence and detail.   The NT6 is indeed an underrated product, but there's a reason for Noble products being more popular. For starters, most head-fi members are based in the US and/or English-speaking, and it's easier to get consistent customer service from a company like Noble, as opposed to Hidition, which is based in S. Korea and provides limited English-speaking customer service. Noble also provides more aesthetic options, which is appealing to a portion of the customer population. So in terms of value, the NT6 is probably a better value, but it doesn't necessarily mean that more people would or should buy it over the Katana.
    tomscy2000, Oct 16, 2016