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  1. MLGrado
    Thanks!  Excellent review!  I am currently trying out the Uptone Regen, but I also have the original iFi iUSB, the new iPower 9v PS, and the two headed iFi Gemini cable.  Rather than spending several hundred to upgrade to the new iUSB Micro 3.0, I believe adding an iPurifier 2 with its Regenerate and Reclock hub along with the aforementioned iPower 9v will elevate the original iUSB to the level of the latest iUSB 3.0.     So I will soon  be evaluating the iFi setup against the Uptone Regen, and I might go ahead and purchase a Wyred 4 Sound Recovery, too.  That may be the best for my system synergy, actually, since my current Dac is a Wyred 4 Sound DAC-1 LE
    MLGrado, Sep 22, 2016
  2. boblauer
    Thanks for the very in depth and technical review. My chain at home includes an AudioQuest Jitterbug thru a Pangea .5 meter USB to the iPurifier 2 into a iDSD nano and onto my amp. I might ask if subjectively you think the iUSB might be a stronger solution not only for clean power but if the iPurifier 2 could handle all the jitter reduction that is currently done via Jitterbug and iPurifier 2 together? Only I can decide if the value is there changing a small dollar item(AQJB) for the iUSB but if on paper improvements and no degradation occur it might well be. Thanks again. 
    boblauer, Sep 22, 2016
  3. Marc Lian
    Do any of you realize all of the music that you listen to was made without a "purifier" in the USB chain and yes a lot of music have been passed through USB during production. So if USB is really imperfect shouldn't these audio pros take note and use these but yet they don't? Why is that? Snake oil.
    Marc Lian, Sep 22, 2016
  4. LajostheHun
    oh boy, LOL P.T. Barnum was right.
    LajostheHun, Sep 23, 2016
  5. Toom
    Get some ear wax removal drops. Save a fortune compared to this nonsense.
    Toom, Sep 26, 2016
  6. fradoca
    Well i'm an audio mastering engineer.I do audio mastering since 1996. I do check my earing every year.I've done some blind tests and i don't consider the iPurifier2 snake oil at least in my studio. There's a lot of ignorance on how music is recorded today.Only a small percenage of today music is recorded through usb.A lot of studio still use aes ebu spdif or firewire.To boblauer you don't need the iUSB if your dac has a self-powered usb port.
    fradoca, Sep 26, 2016
  7. amigastar
    I'm confused is it Snake Oil or not? Some people say it is, seems like i have to try it for myself. Oh and sorry but i'm not a big fan of reviews who use "we" as a reviewer disposition.
    amigastar, Sep 27, 2016
  8. Marc Lian
    To fradoca, I have been producing music for over a decade and have been recording with various USB audio interfaces. My work is commercial, it's on radio, tv, Spotify, you name it and I do not own this piece of gear. My music sounds just fine and many millions of listeners agree too. This is 100% snake oil. If you need to prove my credibility please PM me for links to my music and see my body of work.
    Marc Lian, Sep 27, 2016
  9. boiledelephant
    I'm dubious this can offer any benefits but if it does, since you're talking about noise levels and digital signal outputs, shouldn't it be easily demonstrable with actual signal analysis - waveforms, graphs and such? Someone needs to math the heck out of this. Intuitively it sounds as ridiculous and unnecessary as gold-plated optical cables, but I don't know everything about EMI and digital audio.
    boiledelephant, Sep 27, 2016
  10. Mink
    I have one myself. And yes it really improves things, but in a very subtle way. If you're not that sensitive to treble or high mid glare (with some recordings) than steer clear of this unit. Over a period of time I really can tell that recordings that have/had a tendency to get fatiguing (not ideally recorded high pitched violins) are less fatiguing with the iPurifier in the chain. It really does. The catch however is that the highs are more extended, true without hardness or glare, but if you are generally sensitive to highs than I wouldn't recommend this unit. This is the first 'tweak' thingy I got that really makes a difference. I never could tell differences between speaker cables, interconnects, and always have a very hard time comparing sources (DACs and CD players), never could pick one as the best or as really different sounding. Maybe iFi should make a purifier for analog coaxial connections as well LOL, because MP3s played by my iMac connected to TEAC UD-301 via USB and iFi iPurifier sound better than a CD played by my Marantz CD Player coaxial connected to my TEAC DAC.
    Mink, Sep 27, 2016
  11. GREQ
    @fradoca - on your blog [url=http://www.hdphonic.com/en/hardware/ifi-ipurifier2/]http://www.hdphonic.com/en/hardware/ifi-ipurifier2/[/url] you mention at the bottom: "The measures show very interesting values" but you havn't shared those values either on your blog or here.   Also more curiously, you've rated the 'measures' lower than every other aspect of the product (I guess it looks like an 8/10), which I found dumbfounding. If such a product, with such a high asking price for what it does could truly improve the USB audio chain, surely it would need to have a top ranking for it's 'measures'.
    GREQ, Sep 29, 2016