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  1. pbui44
    Great review for a great product. I could have gotten a Mimby recently, but I am hoping that there will be a Multi-Bit DAC add-on option for the Jotunheim in the coming years.
    pbui44, Sep 13, 2016
  2. k4rstar
    Very nice review (and keyboard, I have the same one!)   Glad to see you've come far since your original post asking for headphone recommendations!
    k4rstar, Sep 13, 2016
  3. acguitar84
    Excellent review of an excellent amp!
    acguitar84, Sep 14, 2016
  4. bosiemoncrieff
    nice, well shaped review. impressions of a variety of specific works of music can always add a bit more color.
    bosiemoncrieff, Sep 14, 2016
  5. Road77
    Thanks for the excellent review! I was seriously considering the Asgard, but now I am teetering on the edge of buying the Jotie.
    Road77, Sep 17, 2016
  6. Tuneslover
    I too have the Magni2U and HD650 so your impressions were interesting. I prefer the 650's on my Lake People G109S which makes me wonder how this very able amp compares with the Jot. I find that the bass through the M2U is a bit too underwhelming but it sounds like you're finding it to be better through the Jot. Nice review!
    Tuneslover, Sep 26, 2016
  7. Pink Freud
    Hi there! Can I ask how the mojo amp compares to the jotunheim when driving the hd 650? Thanks a lot! Andrea
    Pink Freud, Dec 19, 2016