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  1. flinkenick
    Nice writeup Alex. I'm thinking hard about which group of people I'd fall in :)
    flinkenick, Aug 8, 2016
  2. Zelda
    Nice! Glad to see more impressions on the X8.
    Zelda, Aug 8, 2016
  3. Sonic Defender
    You mention that some talk themselves into believing they hear the difference to validate their decision. To be fair how do you know you don't yourself fit into that category as I assume you have paid for some cables yourself? Just being the devils advocate here. Very nice review incidentally.
    Sonic Defender, Aug 8, 2016
  4. twister6
    [user=180560]@Sonic Defender[/user] : no, I haven't paid for the cables, and I have been very critical about a number of pair ups which I do feature in all of my totl iem/ciem reviews.  What I find interesting, I do communicate through PMs/IMs/Messenger/email on a daily basis with many people who ask for my advice and recommendation.  And came across some who feel disappointed about their purchase and can't hear the sound change; they ask me how do I hear it or wait for me to write a review, and afterwards I get a flip'n'flop reply that now they hear it exactly the same as I do.  I'm not blaming or criticizing anybody, but that is a group of people I refer to as "talking themselves into believing" based on a "peer pressure" :D
    twister6, Aug 8, 2016
  5. Sonic Defender
    Cool, and makes perfect sense. And I really was just being the devils advocate. I follow your posts and reviews regularly and I consider you a very balanced reviewer so I was not trying to be hard on you, (but I think even if I was you can handle it). Cheers mate.
    Sonic Defender, Aug 8, 2016