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  1. twister6
    This is interesting. The connector definitely looks like those used in the original UE super.fi, triple.fi models as well as FLC8S (Forrest used to work for ue). FLC8S uses 0.75mm spacing just like UE 2pin connectors (and if I'm not mistaken in UERM and UERR monitors). The standard 2pin used by 64 audio, Noble, CustomArt, Unique Melody and others has 0.78mm spacing. Since you can easily fit U6, but not flc8, I would assume the spacing is 0.78mm, but the connector housing is typical of UE connectors. Strange, right?
    twister6, Jul 16, 2016
  2. Brooko
    Housing is typical of UE - but I think Forrests connectors are actually smaller (0.74 mm).  Anyway - on mine they don't fit.  Others may have different tolerances.
    Brooko, Jul 16, 2016
  3. thesheik137
    Interesting comparison with the graphs, but I don't think the frequency response is where one would expect to see the difference between SE and balanced. Instead, it would be more beneficial to have THD+noise graphs to compare between the two, but you would need much more expensive equipment to measure that.
    thesheik137, Jul 30, 2016
  4. Brooko
    When both have the distortion floor below the level of human audibility, I doubt it's going to make a difference anyway. It didn't for me when volume matching and comparing with the Curve or U6.  My ears aren't as acute as others - but I still think the claims of vast differences are questionable. And you're right, I don't have the equipment to measure as accurately as I'd like.  What my gear does tell me though is that the claims of big changes to sound with swapping cables are more likely to be lack of volume matching rather than changes which would show up in a frequency response.
    Brooko, Jul 30, 2016
  5. thesheik137
    Yeah, that makes sense and I agree entirely. I have been debating investing in a balanced setup for my iems but I have been struggling to find any compelling evidence that it is really beneficial. The biggest purpose for balanced setups are for full sized headphones where you need to deliver more power, and possibly to avoid issues If you listen in a noisy (60hz) environment. But this is typically not the case for iems, so why this something that people perceive as such a clear upgrade?
    thesheik137, Jul 30, 2016
  6. linux4ever
    This cable cost $31 from amazon and given the price I wanted to give it a try to experience the balanced output. After getting ak100ii, I was using it single ended mode for a week before trying this cable. I've a u12 (with MAM) and the cable fit perfectly without any modifications. I didn't need to do the "removal of the polycarb recess/overhang" step that Brooko did.    The sound: I wasn't expecting any big difference. But the combination of balanced output and this cable really takes the sound, the soundstage to a new level. The treble has a sparkle too. The overall sound is more airy and the sound stage is wider with good separation. To my ears, it is heaven.   ​I've to have the volume at a higher level in balanced mode that I do with while in single ended mode. Even if the price isn't $31, this cable is providing amazing listening experience and with the $31 price, this is outstanding. Extremely happy.
    linux4ever, Aug 7, 2016
  7. Brooko
    Good to hear you having a positive experience with it
    Brooko, Aug 8, 2016
  8. Badfish5446
    When searching for a review, I had a feeling, if one was out there, it would be yours.  Thanks for another solid review, you and I share similar thoughts on cable swap claims!  Looking at picking up a balanced DAP as well as the P1, already own the UE TF10 so this is pretty much a no brainer given the minimal investment.
    Badfish5446, Aug 16, 2016