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  1. boomtube
    Great review! I can't stop listening to mine MK2/QP1R/Hugo...sonic bliss!
    boomtube, Jun 28, 2016
  2. RyanLuong
    Nice review. Coudnt agree more with you about 334vsOriolus. I have both of them :D btw, Oriolus is a very good IEM, really worths trying, guys :)
    RyanLuong, Jun 28, 2016
  3. sonickarma
    Cool nice review and pic, Is it the V1 or V2 - I had the V1 previously and has a nice organic spacious sound
    sonickarma, Jun 28, 2016
  4. Aerosphere
    [user=406979]@boomtube[/user] Thank you! I can't stop listening it too. Melody Gardot sounds dreamy with it.. [user=365220]@BatToys[/user] Indeed it is! ^^ [user=160678]@sonickarma[/user] Thank you very much. It is V2. :)
    Aerosphere, Jun 28, 2016
  5. fortress34
    Very nice and accredited rewiew my friend.. Thanks a lot..
    fortress34, Jun 29, 2016
  6. TheMiddleSky
    Great and accurate review, love this iem, and always give me smile everytime I put it in my ears no matter what songs played.
    TheMiddleSky, Jun 29, 2016
  7. XuanVuAudio
    great review, i just uploaded a unboxing video of Oriolus. Do you want to take a look, guys? ;) [url=https://youtu.be/nNTO32sMAPE]https://youtu.be/nNTO32sMAPE[/url]
    XuanVuAudio, Jun 29, 2016
  8. RyanLuong
    found this unbox video of Oriolus: [url=https://youtu.be/nNTO32sMAPE]https://youtu.be/nNTO32sMAPE[/url]
    RyanLuong, Jun 29, 2016
  9. Aerosphere
    [user=160299]@fortress34[/user] [user=405728]@XuanVuAudio[/user] [user=149151]@TheMiddleSky[/user][user=365220]@BatToys[/user]   [i]Thank you for the interest and kind words![/i]
    Aerosphere, Jun 30, 2016
  10. Carlsan
    Differences between v.1 and v.2 are cosmetic, plus increased price. Both should have same sound signature. "IEM itself is essentially the same. Shells now have an impact resistant coating and logo inlay. Included cable is PWaudio's No.5. Price increased by about 20000yen." Thanks for the review, it has a great sound. The  Oriolus's made it so I didn't feel to bad about selling my fitear TG334's.
    Carlsan, Jul 1, 2016