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  1. JoeDoe
    Great review! Glad to know that others are experiencing the LC/Omni (or Prime in my case!) pairing! Thanks!
    JoeDoe, May 28, 2016
  2. Aornic
    [user=363722]@JoeDoe[/user] Thanks mate.
    Aornic, May 28, 2016
  3. Yugo
    Such a nice review! As one of the 1st batch owner. I have to say this amp is something to hold on to, even compare to the TOTL amp Headamp GSX mk2. It can still stand on its own.
    Yugo, May 29, 2016
  4. mikemercer
    Great review - was honored to be part of the origin story - and ROCK mine all the time.
    mikemercer, May 30, 2016
  5. reddog
    A sweet, informative review.
    reddog, May 30, 2016
  6. econaut
    Would you say the MJ2 with tubes (if so, which ones?) is more analytical and more resolving than the LC? In other words, is the LC warmer sounding than the MJ2 with  tubes? Thanks for your great reviews, by the way :)
    econaut, Feb 13, 2017
  7. Aornic
    [user=182838]@econaut[/user] yes, I would say that. I'm not sure which tubes however, but Schiit amps tend to be more analytical and have less of that slightly glossed-over sound. Whether or not it's warmer, I can't say because I haven't actually heard the MJ2. Thanks man, cheers.
    Aornic, Feb 13, 2017