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  1. Ted Presley
    "On summary this Ckr9ltd sounds extremely details, and bright treble that blends well with fast and tight bass. The coloration is nice and smooth."   100% agree on this conclusion, I prefer to have a little more bass quantity :). But I really love the detail, really impressive.
    Ted Presley, Jun 6, 2016
  2. AzimAkbar
    For bass I got Cks990. Ckr9ltd is jack of all trade, master of most.
    AzimAkbar, Jun 6, 2016
  3. jussi2013
    You bought a fake..
    jussi2013, Jul 14, 2016
  4. jussi2013
    Well sorry to be rude, but I believe all the cheap aliexpress ones without package are real looking fakes, they might sound good for their price! And they will write positive reviews themselves to get sales. But have you ever listened like a real GR07 (85 dollars?) it might well sound better than anything you have, they are all fakes.
    jussi2013, Jul 14, 2016
  5. AzimAkbar
    I am not claiming this Aliexpress ckr9ltd as a true original BNIB Audio-technica. Only people with original BNIB ckr9ltd can claim that. All that matter that it sound better than my own BNIB Audio-technica IM50 which came with original package. Are you saying that the 85USD GR07 is also a fake?
    AzimAkbar, Jul 16, 2016
  6. AzimAkbar
    And my BNIB Audio-technica IM50 is also a fake? 85USD is fairly big money for me. And I am not willing to just settle with just one expensive excellent earphone. I rather have some adventure or misadventure and buy few good to excellent earphone. All my earphones are priced 60USD and lower, some priced at 6.5USD. Good for you if you can afford 80USD earphones and beyond.
    AzimAkbar, Jul 16, 2016
  7. qckat
    I will try to refresh this thread a bit with question - Im looking for a the step further afetr ckr-9. I really like the way ckr9 does it in general, maybe lacking a bit width in soundstage. Price max 200-250USD. Thanks!
    qckat, Jun 1, 2018