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  1. swanhnster7
    This is very interesting. But a shame about no inline-mic, it makes them useless for travelling and using them for calls.
    swanhnster7, Apr 21, 2016
  2. Sonic Defender
    No, they have a built in mic inside the cups, I just don't like being disturbed so my phone is always on Do Not Disturb. I can't speak to how well it performs, but I suspect others have reviewed that feature. MacedonianHero will be releasing his review of the H7 soon so if he covers that I will PM you with a link to his review. I know he likes them quite a bit, not sure if he likes them as much as I do, but he did tell me that they were very good and the Bluetooth was top shelf.
    Sonic Defender, Apr 21, 2016
  3. swanhnster7
    Hi Sonic, Thanks for the comment - I mean inline mic on the wire itself; if the battery is dead and I'm listening wired, I might want to talk on the phone for conference calls. Thats what I meant :)
    swanhnster7, Apr 21, 2016
  4. Sonic Defender
    Gotcha, I wonder if the cup is wired internally at the connector for an inline Mic? I'll try to find out as the cup connector is very simple. I found the cable that came with the Demon GC20 and the ATH WS99BT both fit as well and looked perfectly flush so if you did have a cable for another headphone it might still work. Good point, thanks, I will ask B&O support and update my review when I know.
    Sonic Defender, Apr 21, 2016
  5. Bern2
    Like the fact of a replaceable battery.  
    Bern2, Apr 21, 2016
  6. Sonic Defender
    I agree, a replaceable, and solid capacity battery is a strong feature that wasn't lost on me. Given the overall high quality of construction and materials used, it seems likely the H7 can last well past the first battery. Other excellent current Bluetooth headphones will go when their batteries die, unless of course you wish to open the cup and see if you can replace the hard wired battery.
    Sonic Defender, Apr 22, 2016
  7. FutureFossil
    Here is the official solution for the inline mic.   [url=http://www.amazon.com/gp/redirect.html?ie=UTF8&linkCode=ur2&camp=1789&creative=9325&tag=headfiorg-20&location=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Fredirect.html%3Fie%3DUTF8%26linkCode%3Dur2%26camp%3D1789%26creative%3D9325%26tag%3Dheadfiorg-20%26location%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fwww.amazon.com%252FCable-Three-Buttons-BeoPlay-Headphones%252Fdp%252FB00V5CP8TA]http://www.amazon.com/Cable-Three-Buttons-BeoPlay-Headphones/dp/B00V5CP8TA[/url]
    FutureFossil, Apr 27, 2016
  8. Sonic Defender
    Thank you for that, I'm sure that may help somebody.
    Sonic Defender, Apr 27, 2016
  9. FutureFossil
    I currently have both the H8 and the H7. I am returning one of them after I decide on one. I went back and forth quite a bit thinking on all of my usage scenarios; talk podcasts, acoustic, punk, lots of electronica, alt, some hip-hop and many vocal heavy artists as well. So my tastes run the gamut. Some of my observations (some which echo yours): - H7 is more comfortable for extended use. - H7 hangs onto ears much better, H8 slips with some movement. - H8 more convenient mobile size, but barely. - H7 better soundstage, less closed-in. More stereo details/spatial cues are revealed. - H7 auto-connects via BT better (both were firmware updated). - H7 bass is subdued, but can be tuned and handle it fairly well via Spotify EQ (BT use - better than nothing), or line/externally with CanOpener app or DAC, etc. as you mentioned. - H7 passive isolation is adequate for my needs. ANC isn't used enough, hampers the actual music and adds uncomfortable pressure sensation to my ears. Both are actually quite good for BT headphones, materials are really top notch, but… I decided on the H7, even though I have an arsenal of bass rich music, because I valued the detail and open sound more than the H8 "boom-bip" and the ANC isn’t a necessary function.
    FutureFossil, Apr 28, 2016
  10. Sonic Defender
    I think the accuracy of the H7 bass is excellent and I am also into bass centric music and I find the quantity pretty darn good, certainly when you take the quality into consideration. Did you get the dreaded drop out issues with the H8 that I swear every review I read seemed to mention? Anyway, the H7 in my books is a great choice and I'll tell you, when I use it wired with my iDSD Micro, I actually think it hangs with my TH 600 very well and might even be the better of the two, but it does give up some scale to the Fostex. Hence why I think the driver size should be moved up to a 45mm driver, but not at the expense of the tuning.
    Sonic Defender, Apr 28, 2016
  11. FutureFossil
    I haven't seen the iDSD Micro till your mention of it (been working too much). But wow, that is definitely a new product of my list. Today was my first day with only the H7 and I am not regretting it. Now that I am more attuned to it, the bass is totally sufficient. Can't wait to try it with something on par with the iDSD Micro, need a more quality cable first. I heard the stock cable isn't the best choice. I have been streaming through Tidal (trial) and was curious about the Fiio X7 as well; a different beast, but can BT lossless streaming to these phones. I know, not as good as the wired iDSD Micro, but...
    FutureFossil, Apr 28, 2016
  12. Sonic Defender
    Careful with the X7, it has poor Bluetooth capabilities and many reports of performance issues. Plus, if you go Bluetooth, anything with Apt X will do. I sold my Onkyo DP-X1, which did have good Bluetooth, and simply went with the LG G3 which has a very strong Bluetooth chip and the sound is excellent. By the way, I use the stock cable with the H7 and it sounds glorious with the Micro so I would say try it first.
    Sonic Defender, Apr 29, 2016
  13. FutureFossil
    Are you using the LG G3 strictly as a DAP or is it also your phone? I have an iPhone 6 which doesn't support Apt X. Who knows if the iPhone 7 will, but I am always on the fence with smartphones these days (especially post-Jobs Apple products). I have to say, not to veer from the topic, that I know of several people whose iPhone 6 are buggy and needed to be replaced several times; headphone jack, Lighting jack, GPS/Bluetooth interference issues etc. That said, I am always on the lookout for better options and to maybe streamline my phone/DAP needs in one unit. I'm not big on carrying multiple devices. I see there are a few Apt-X adapters available, just need to dig through them and see what may be an option. Anyways, thanks for the suggestions.
    FutureFossil, May 3, 2016
  14. Sonic Defender
    Sorry for the late reply, you may never see it. I use the G3 as my phone also as it has Android 6, decent hardware specifications and good looking enough for my needs. Yes, Apple always likes to try to become the standard maker rather than work with established or establishing standards. I think it is to their detriment, but they do have a core following of Apple users who don't seem to mind so what do I know!
    Sonic Defender, May 11, 2016
  15. tunedless
    Muddy, awful midrange on these cans. Poor isolation and chintzy soundstage. Bested by Sennheiser Momentum M2. And all BT cans are bested by the cheapest 900mHz RF set from the late 90s.
    tunedless, Jun 11, 2016
  16. Sonic Defender
    Can't agree with you at all mate, but certainly you are entitled to your opinion. Take a look at Macedonianhero's headphoneguru.com review of the H7. While I don't suggest that "experts" know better, it is also possible they have valid insight due to experience. I will say that I have the complete opposite impression of yours, it couldn't be more opposite.
    Sonic Defender, Jun 12, 2016
  17. tunedless
    Its not B&O's fault--aptX is a very lossy codec. Maybe Bluetooth 5 with aptX HD will sound better, maybe not. For now, go out and get a $100 set of Sennheiser RF wireless headphones and compare side by side with the H7. You will be surprised. The H7's are just lipstick on a pig.
    tunedless, Jun 12, 2016
  18. Sonic Defender
    Dude, you lost me there my H7s sound stunningly good, and I have owned tons of good headphones. Apt X is excellent, I think you need to do some blind listening tests. Anyway, there are MANY extremely experienced members here who would not take what you just said seriously. I'm sorry to say I don't either.
    Sonic Defender, Jun 12, 2016
  19. tunedless
    I'm listening to them right now. They sound awful. There's simply no comparison to any pair of RF headphones. Even the Koss PortaPros sound better and they cost $40. I'm streaming from an iMac and have verified aptX is enabled. All these reviews are a joke. I wouldn't compare these to my STAX cans which cost $5,000. But for $500, I would expect these sound better than a $40 pair of wired headphones and they just don't. Bluetooth simply cannot support high quality audio yet. All the reviews focus on things like comfort and build quality, which have little to do with sound quality. I'm sorry, but they suck!
    tunedless, Jun 12, 2016
  20. tunedless
    Can I ask, have you ever tried 900mHz or 2.4gHz wireless headphones with Kleer?
    tunedless, Jun 12, 2016
  21. Sonic Defender
    Not sure what to say, but you are I will guarantee you an extreme outlier statistically. I own the PortaPro, have for years, it isn't even comparable on any level. I'm listening to the H7 now and the sound quality is excellent. I have no idea what is happening for you, but we'll just have to say we disagree.
    Sonic Defender, Jun 12, 2016
  22. Sonic Defender
    You may ask indeed, and the answer is no. I'm not saying that Apt X is perfect, but it is really quite good and I suspect in blind listening tests most people wouldn't be able to consistently, and reliably tell the difference. You just don't like the H7, that is cool, I have read comments from my people who hate the TH 900, or the HD 800. I still personally feel the H7 is a very good sounding headphone. Of course there are better DACs and amps than the ones built into it, such as my iDSD Micro, when I use the H7 wired with it they sound even better; however, for my tastes, the H7 even via BT is very good. I'm quite pleased. I'm sure in the coming years better BT will improve things further. Cheers mate.
    Sonic Defender, Jun 12, 2016
  23. mellowjamie
    Hi Sonic Defender,   Thanks for the great review - really informative.   Can I pick your brain?   I went to the B&O shop in Newcastle yesterday to try the H6 out, based on numerous favourable reviews. They didn't have any to try, but they did have the H7. He said that the H7 is basically a wireless version of the H6, so I took him on face value and tried the H7 using a wire.   Within a few songs in my "Audition" playlist, I was in love with the sound - I'm not going to regurgitate all the cliches for describing sound - suffice to say I love the signature and it plays well with the majority of my music. Alright, I'm understating. I was grinning from ear to ear.   Not one to rush anything, I checked online whether the H7 really is a wireless H6, and although it uses the same chassis, I am under the impression that the H7 is in fact a different headphone with more in common with the H8 under the skin - and therefore the sound signature of the H7 is completely different to the H6. The impedance is difference, the sound pressure levels are different - although the frequency response is the same.   So, question 1 (if you or anyone knows), is the H7 sound different to the H6 Gen 2?   Here's the thing though - I have no interest in wireless headphones. I don't (and never will) own an iPhone, my FiiO X5ii is wired. So, question 2, is it daft to buy a set of wireless headphones just to use in wired mode because you like the sound signature?   I appreciate any answers to the above! James
    mellowjamie, Dec 8, 2016
  24. DoKaTSuYa
    But the H7 sounds better wireless !
    DoKaTSuYa, Jan 14, 2017
  25. Monstieur
    I am only interested in headphones which are flat down to 20 Hz such as the [url=http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/BoseQuietComfort35WiredActive.pdf]Bose Quiet Comfort 35 Wired Active[/url]. The QC 35 uses Active EQ to correct the frequency response which is how it's so flat.   I am considering the H7 over the QC 35 because of aptX Low Latency alone (for gaming). How does the H7's frequency response compare to the QC 35's flat response. I didn't bother with the H9 because the noise cancellation is crap compared to the QC 35 anyway, so I'd rather not have it at all.
    Monstieur, Feb 1, 2017
  26. Monstieur
    • This message has been removed from public view.
    [user=418525]@mellowjamie[/user] I'm pretty sure the H7/H8/H9 all have digital EQ applied to correct the frequency response via both the wired and wireless inputs (similar to the Bose QC 35), whereas the H6 does not.
    Monstieur, Feb 1, 2017
  27. Monstieur
    [user=418525]@mellowjamie[/user] I'm pretty sure the H7/H8/H9 all have digital EQ applied to correct the frequency response via both the wired and wireless inputs (similar to the Bose QC 35), whereas the H6 does not. If the battery dies on the H7, the sound may change in wired mode. This happens on the Bose  QC 35. I would happily buy a QC 35 just to use it in wired mode because of it's ActiveEQ and flat frequency response. Measurements don't lie, and the QC 35 measures better than almost 99% of wired headphones.
    Monstieur, Feb 1, 2017
  28. BiscottiGelato
    I posted my own review. Can't say about the QC35. But I did back and forth on the spot back and forth for the Momentum 2 Wireless vs the H7. And also did the same thing in another shop between the B&W P7 vs the H7. I easily preferred the H7 in both cases. In case you said I went in with a bias. I almost clicked buy on the Momentum 2 on Amazon, before deciding that I should listen to a few alternatives before pulling the trigger. After auditions, I ended up going with the H7. Go figures~
    BiscottiGelato, Apr 6, 2017