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  1. nmatheis
    Nice short n sweet review. I'm glad you enjoyed your time with it. Aune did a bang-up job with the B1 2016 Version!
    nmatheis, Apr 5, 2016
  2. aharitt
    Thanks for the review. I like this amp. For the battery indicator, you need to count the number of blinks. If it blinks just one time, it means that you need to charge the battery. 
    aharitt, Apr 5, 2016
  3. Army-Firedawg
    [user=386104]@nmatheis[/user] That was my intention for this one for I at first had it my traditional length but for a pretty straight forward device I felt like I was just rambling on thus I shortened it to the version you see here.    [user=410187]@aharitt[/user] ah, though that makes some sense I still feel either multiple led's or multiple colors would've been the better and more efficient route
    Army-Firedawg, Apr 5, 2016
  4. emrelights1973
    Will it be good addition to zx2 euro for driving sony z7? 
    emrelights1973, Apr 6, 2016
  5. Army-Firedawg
    [user=432040]@emrelights1973[/user] Though I've personally not tried either of those two, I don't see any reason why it shouldn't. On high gain it drove my HD650's with ease
    Army-Firedawg, Apr 7, 2016
  6. Hi-Fi'er
    This is a pretty bad ass amp. It's my new best portable amp. It rivals my other top end portables for way more than half the cost.
    Hi-Fi'er, Apr 11, 2016