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  1. barondla
    Nice review. Good job explaining the sound of these earbuds. Wouldn't mind getting a set of Venture someday. Balanced for the PONO would be nice. Is it easier to order them now a days? Thanks for the review.
    barondla, Apr 3, 2016
  2. mochill
    Preach it like it is bro 
    mochill, Apr 3, 2016
  3. fleasbaby
    [user=290781]@mochill[/user] Tks :).   [user=142054]@barondla[/user] VE's lineup is well worth exploring. The Asura is available on AliExpress still. The Monk is down again, but should be back in two weeks in its latest iteration, the Monk Plus, in large quantities. If you have a good amp, then try to pony up for the Zen 2.0. You won't regret it.   If you shoot Lee a message with your order he MIGHT do Pono-balanced for you. GHe was doing it when he first released the Zen 2.0, and kindly did my 1.0 Zen for me as well. The Pono does really well with the Zens balanced.
    fleasbaby, Apr 3, 2016
  4. barondla
    Thanks @fleasbaby. I will look into it.
    barondla, Apr 5, 2016