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  1. x RELIC x
    Thanks for such a great review Tamal!! I enjoyed reading it. Of particular note is the portion where you mention you kept forgetting to analyze the music because of the natural musicality. That's what I also feel is the Mojo's biggest strength, and the sign of great gear. Nicely done!
    x RELIC x, Mar 13, 2016
  2. Hisoundfi
    Great job Tamal! Excellent review!
    Hisoundfi, Mar 13, 2016
  3. Dionysus
    Nice write up, I so enjoy this little remarkable piece of tech and use now more, than mu dektop amp/dac.
    Dionysus, Mar 13, 2016
  4. RedJohn456
    Thanks Guys, means a lot :)  And yes Craig for sure, on more than occasions I was staring off into space while listening to the Mojo only to realize that I had forgotten I was supposed to be analyzing the Mojo and ended up listening to the entire Breaking Benjamin Discography in one sitting haha.
    RedJohn456, Mar 13, 2016
  5. Rob49
    Really good review....certainly encourages me to go ahead and purchase !
    Rob49, Mar 14, 2016
  6. BonBon93
    Hi, Iam new on this hobby and I find your review really helpful for beginner like me, and I feel like I need to have one too. Im sure my friends who are in the same hobby would love to get the mojo too Thanks for such a cool review!
    BonBon93, Mar 16, 2016
  7. ShreyasMax
    Very well written review, clear and to the point.   An interesting thing for me that you mention is that the Mojo is a departure from the FiiO X7. As I'm looking to get the Mojo as an upgrade from my iBasso D14 (after a review unit comes my way of course, which should be in about 2 weeks' time), I was wondering if you could elaborate the differences you felt compared to the X7. I personally found the X7 to be a great pairing for my Fidelio X2, especially in terms of realistic timbre, and detail retrieval. Do you think the X7 has enhanced treble to sound more detailed, and how do you think the Mojo would pair with my Fidelio X2?   Thanks in advance, cheers.
    ShreyasMax, Mar 18, 2016
  8. RedJohn456
    [user=349602]@ShreyasMax[/user] Thanks for the kind words!   I wouldn't say the X7 has enhanced treble, definitely not one of those gears using extra treble to give an illusion of increased detail retrieval.   The X7 to my ears has an airier and lighter sound when compared to the Mojo, and a larger more holographic soundstage. The Mojo has a more intimate sound with a more realistic soundstage but with greater perception of depth, as if you are peering into the music track.    I am not surprised that the X7 synergizes well with the Fidelio X2, as the airier sound of the X7 would balance out the warmer sound of the Fidelio X2. Given that the Mojo has a relatively warmer sound, I am not sure how the X2 would pair with the Mojo. Since I haven't heard the combination myself I don't want to say anything, but for me personally the Mojo paired better with neutral and brighter gears.    Also to note, the way mojo throws so much data your way the brain will take time to learn how to adapt to it, and given that I had only about a week with the tour unit it is very well possible that a week might not be enough time for the brain to adapt to the Mojo.     So it is very much possible that warmer gear may in fact synergize well with the mojo in the end, but during my time with the unit that was not the case. I hope that helped some :)
    RedJohn456, Mar 18, 2016
  9. ShreyasMax
    Alright, thanks again for your inputs. I'll wait for my review unit, spend some time with it, and then decide on my purchase.   Cheers, & happy listening!
    ShreyasMax, Mar 19, 2016