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  1. Tom22
    it was a joy to follow your journey through the dunu titan series! it sounds like your time with them was a lot of fun. i hope my experiences will be the same =) great reviews! it seems like you like the 5s more >3s slightly. i'm enjoying the 3s a lot right now already 
    Tom22, Dec 17, 2015
  2. HiFiChris
    [user=341207]@Tom22[/user]   :-) Thanks. Looking forward to checking out your review/impressions once they're up! I actually prefer the Titan 3 more because I consider them as being the better all-rounders and suiting my personal tonal (long-tern) preferences more, but there are areas where the Titan 5 are a minor tad more refined. Nevertheless, all of the three Titans are imo excellent for the price and offer very solid performance bit each with a different tonality and presentation. If I'm not aiming for a neutral tuning, I especially like the Titan 1 for Electronical, the Titan 5 for Rock and the Titan 3 for about everything.
    HiFiChris, Dec 17, 2015
  3. Harley1962
    I enjoyed reading your very thorough review, but I I always seem to "find" good IEM's a year or two "later" than everybody else! For example I have a pair of RE-400's still "like new" in the box, which I haven't even fully broken-in, but I'm now looking to upgrade my IEM choices to better "match" my home set of cans (Beyer T90), while keeping the price UNDER $250.   As I listen to mostly Classical, Straight Jazz, some World and Alternative Folk, etc..do you feel the Titan 1's would be a significant improvement to the RE-400's, or would I probably have to spend a bit more $$...any suggestions would be appreciated. Using iBasso DX80 + JDS Amp
    Harley1962, Apr 18, 2016
  4. HiFiChris
    [user=161970]@Harley1962[/user]   Unfortunately the RE-400 is an in-ear I have not heard yet, so I couldn't say whether the Titan in-ears would be an upgrade. The most important thing is to know what your priorities are and what sound signature you prefer. For a very open soundstage and with a somewhat v-shaped signature (though, the amount of bass highly depends on your ear anatomy and how close the vents sit to the concha), the Titan 1 would be a great in-ear. For a better balanced and more mid-focused signature, the Titan 3 would be a good alternative but with smaller soundstage (fit is crucial with that model - if the vents aren't perfectly sitting in your ears, sound will be thin and canny). For a balanced and slightly dark signature, the Audio Technica ATH-IM02 would be a good choice - precise imaging, realistic and natural sound.
    HiFiChris, Apr 19, 2016