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  1. Ivabign
    Good to hear that another married father of 2 enjoys the Mojo - it is a fabulous device and your review did it justice. Nice job.
    Ivabign, Dec 15, 2015
  2. Starcruncher
    Nice one! Just to make sure I'm on the right track, isn't Mojo Apple compatible with a camera connection kit?
    Starcruncher, Dec 17, 2015
  3. howdy
    ^ it is, I was hoping for something like the HA2 where you dont need a CCK. I will still buy it either way. The sound is amazing!!   Thanks Ivabign! Im not one to write reviews I just like to sample. My Kids like to listen to music as well and they are on my Tidal account with me and have huge playlists. They still like the apple earbuds and my M100s and my daughter has some ATH M50. My wife says she cant tell between her Samsung earbuds and my HE400i.
    howdy, Dec 18, 2015
  4. Kevin Lee
    I have both oppo ha2 and mojo. Main deference is more live sound you get on mojo. Didn't feel digital.
    Kevin Lee, Dec 18, 2015