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  1. DJScope
    Another great review mate! I didn't go into to foam rolling aspect as I just focussed on the one setup that I enjoyed the most, but I concur everything you said. The sound changes quite a bit with the different foam covers.
    DJScope, Dec 13, 2015
  2. volly
    Very cool, can't seem to find a distributer down here in Australia though. Tried Ebay but no dice!
    volly, Dec 13, 2015
  3. RedJohn456
    Fantastic review Nik :) Well done mate
    RedJohn456, Dec 13, 2015
  4. RedJohn456
    Also congrats on popping your 5 star cherry! 
    RedJohn456, Dec 13, 2015
  5. DJScope
    [user=288693]@volly[/user] You can only get these on AliExpress legitimately. I know Lee and he is one of the only AE sellers that I know will come through with the goods. I'm from Sydney by the way.
    DJScope, Dec 13, 2015
  6. volly
    Oh excellent DJScope, thanks for that! I'll have a look.
    volly, Dec 13, 2015
  7. Lorspeaker
    great review...another mountain to climb...to the ZENith, let me start w the monk. ( most money i hv thrown at a bud was the Hisoundaudio LiVe...wonder if u hv heard it b4)
    Lorspeaker, Dec 13, 2015
  8. RedTwilight
    Great review! Quite an enjoyable read.
    RedTwilight, Dec 13, 2015
  9. nmatheis
    [user=165423]@Lorspeaker[/user]: No Hisoundaudio LiVe for me yet. Should I? I've heard the VE lineup. Other than those, I own 9Wave, Blox, Senn, and Yuin buds.
    nmatheis, Dec 13, 2015
  10. ozkan
    • This message has been removed from public view.
    Great review buddy! I wish I could get my hands on Zen 2.0 one say too. 
    ozkan, Dec 14, 2015
  11. ozkan
    Great review buddy! I wish I could get my hands on Zen 2.0 one day too:)
    ozkan, Dec 14, 2015
  12. capnjack
    Great review! I'm listening to my Monks with my N5 (Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush - Don't Give Up) immersive and absolutely stunning! Now I'm gonna have to drop $100+ on the Zen 2's after reading this! This Hobby's a bitch ain't it.
    capnjack, Jan 9, 2016
  13. glassmonkey
    Nice review. Made me think to go get the Monks as gifts (I can't spend £100 on earbuds).
    glassmonkey, Jan 16, 2016
  14. nmatheis
    Hey [user=376001]@capnjack[/user] and [user=356530]@glassmonkey[/user]: I've heard Monk, as well, and they're incredible for the price. Given the buds they compete with, they should be priced much higher! 
    nmatheis, Jan 18, 2016
  15. capnjack
    The Monks are incredible value, so much so, after speaking to Lee (he's a really nice guy) I went and got the Zen 2's. They arrived today and are even better than I expected ! So now to burn 'em in :sunglasses:
    capnjack, Jan 18, 2016
  16. bolmeteus
    Great review, man! Anybody doing comparisons between stock cables vs balanced vs cardass 3.5 vs cardass XLR? ^^
    bolmeteus, Jun 25, 2016
  17. likearake
    How do the Zens sound with the ear stabilizer?   I note you say they sound best naked, but I can't get any kind of seal on my Monks without the ear stabilizer. Would the Zen still be good / worthwhile if used with stabilizers?
    likearake, Jul 15, 2016