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  1. Lorspeaker
    great perspective review ...credit to hynos1 the pathfinder !
    Lorspeaker, Dec 9, 2015
  2. UntilThen
    Yes with all my heart, I want to thank hypnos1, for without him there would have been no Elise. In particular, I also want to thank Henryk and Lukasz of Feliks Audio for producing such a marvellous headphone tube amplifier and at such an affordable price.
    UntilThen, Dec 9, 2015
  3. Lord Raven
    Great review UT, you are the Elise's true fan
    Lord Raven, Dec 9, 2015
  4. Lord Raven
    Great review UT, you are the Elise's true fan
    Lord Raven, Dec 9, 2015
  5. Lord Raven
    Great review UT, you are the Elise's true fan
    Lord Raven, Dec 9, 2015
  6. Lord Raven
    Great review UT, you are the Elise's true fan
    Lord Raven, Dec 9, 2015
  7. hypnos1
    Very comprehensive review UT...you have done Feliks-Audio (and me!) proud...many thanks. And congratulations on the [i]extensive[/i] work you have been carrying out, putting this exceptional amp through its paces, along with others - too many to name all(!), but notably JazzVinyl...   Further info can be found at the following link...[url=http://www.head-fi.org/t/782754/feliks-audio-elise-new-thread]http://www.head-fi.org/t/782754/feliks-audio-elise-new-thread[/url]   (Post #1 has additional links to the original thread, plus useful others....)
    hypnos1, Dec 9, 2015
  8. TomNC
    Great review, UT. Hope you will write a summary of all the wonderful tubes you have tested with the Elise.
    TomNC, Dec 9, 2015
  9. Billheiser
    Fun fact:  The Head-Fi homepage introduction to this review uses the word "tube" 4 times in1 sentence.  Just in case we missed it.
    Billheiser, Dec 9, 2015
  10. mordy
    Congrats on an excellent and comprehensive review. Just wanted to add that we haven't found one person yet who is not thrilled with the Elise among some 25 owners to date.   The sound is glorious and addictive....
    mordy, Dec 9, 2015
  11. Nec3
    Mazda tubes?
    Nec3, Dec 9, 2015
  12. UntilThen
    Mazda 6N7G are French tubes...great sound. Check out the Elise thread for detail impressions of it.
    UntilThen, Dec 9, 2015
  13. reddog
    A great informative review
    reddog, Dec 9, 2015
  14. UntilThen
    Thanks all. I'll be writing a summary review of all my favourite tubes in due course. I'm still waiting on Visseaux 6N7G and Fivre 6N7G brown base. The review for EL3N is ongoing now in Elise thread by H1. It seems too promising. Once I get hold of those Philips EL3N and adapters, I'll add on to the tubes review. What you see in the photos are all my favourite tubes. Some are missing from the photos as I couldn't possibly add photos for all of them.   My current favourites are 2 FDD20 and FDD20/ECC31 with Tung Sol 5998 using HE560.
    UntilThen, Dec 11, 2015
  15. Zulkr9
    Can anybody tell me how they fare driving orthos and other hard to drive phone. TIA
    Zulkr9, Apr 8, 2016
  16. UntilThen
    Drives my HE560 planar magnetic well. Others have good results with ZMF Blackwood, LCD2.2 and Ether-C. Check out the Elise thread -New.
    UntilThen, Apr 8, 2016