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  1. Arnauds
    Thank you, was waiting for this.   nice review
    Arnauds, Dec 7, 2015
  2. hakushondaimao
    [user=411867]@Arnauds[/user]: You're welcome. My understanding is that Aune is aiming for release in a couple of weeks. Hopefully by then some of the kinks are ironed out. It really is great on the ears though!
    hakushondaimao, Dec 7, 2015
  3. twister6
    Great review Eric!  A bit surprised about the battery life < 6.5hrs. I hope they can optimize it in a future.
    twister6, Dec 7, 2015
  4. Brooko
    Good and thorough review.  Sounds a bit like L&P's DAPs - they have the sound figured out, but still a lot of work to do on features and UI.  Very short battery life is worrying, and kind of pricey considering no internal memory.
    Brooko, Dec 7, 2015
  5. hakushondaimao
    [user=378311]@twister6[/user] and [user=170914]@Brooko[/user]: Thanks Alex and Paul. Appreciate the feedback. Yes, lots of potential, but some niggles to iron out. Hopefully some FW tweaks can eke more life out of the battery.
    hakushondaimao, Dec 7, 2015
  6. Bellyworshipper
    Thank you very much for the review, Hakushon! By the way (beg my pardon if it was already covered), have you tried 24 bit APE files on M2/M2 Pro? Since there was no support for 24 bit APE (of any sampling rate) at the beginning I wonder if Aune already managed to fix it 
    Bellyworshipper, Dec 8, 2015
  7. avitron142
    Were you able to rewind/fast forward with mp3's? I was only able to do so with FLAC and DSD files.
    avitron142, Dec 8, 2015
  8. hakushondaimao
    Added the following to the review this evening:   [i][b]RE. Digital Out[/b]: Aune are currently working on an external docking connect through the Mini HDMI port, which will bring digital output capabilities (Coax, AES, I2S, etc.) via a receiver module to high end DAC.[/i]   [i][b]RE. Battery Life[/b]: Aune states that the M2 is Class A music player, with voltage greater than 500MA, and that a compromise had to be made between a Class A/B device with 8 hours of playing time, and Class A with 6.5hours. The decision was made to sacrifice playing time for better sound quality. With daily charging, 6.5 hours battery life should be enough for regular use, and external power packs can be used to extend this if necessary. Aune will work to extend the battery life in future FW updates.[/i]
    hakushondaimao, Dec 8, 2015
  9. avitron142
    [user=411422]@hakushondaimao[/user] Class A amp but doesn't drive full-sized headphones fully? How does that work?
    avitron142, Dec 8, 2015
  10. hakushondaimao
    [user=380530]@avitron142[/user]: I'm not an expert in the relationship between "Class A" and output power. Am guessing (hoping) someone in the know will chime in with an answer.   Did just get another update from Aune saying that they have upped the battery life on the production models of the M2 to 7.5+ hours. Not sure if that's a FW tweak, or if they've done something with hardware. Good news nonetheless, and part of the fun (?) of reviewing pre-production models. Am going to have to go in and do some more minor updates within the review body.
    hakushondaimao, Dec 9, 2015
  11. avitron142
    [user=411422]@hakushondaimao[/user] Bleh, Aune hasn't gotten back to me on anything yet, still don't want to write the review before I know what's supposed to be there and what's not. If you have a chance between updates, do you mind answering my PM? Great review, and thanks!
    avitron142, Dec 9, 2015
  12. hakushondaimao
    [user=380530]@avitron142[/user]: Thanks, and will do. Next on my list after I put some notes on the M2 threads.
    hakushondaimao, Dec 9, 2015
  13. earfonia
    Wonderful review! Thanks for this review!
    earfonia, Dec 9, 2015
  14. hakushondaimao
    [user=150501]@earfonia[/user]: Can always count on you for some positive feedback. Thanks ;-)
    hakushondaimao, Dec 9, 2015
  15. michioga
    Thank you for this review. This is very helpful for me. By the way, where did you get very short mini-mini cable in the photo?
    michioga, Jan 22, 2016
  16. hakushondaimao
    [user=291160]@michioga[/user], that's the interconnect that comes with some of the Fiio portable headphone amps (this one came with the Q1). Don't think it's for sale separately, but JDS Labs sells a similar cable for $5 on their website.
    hakushondaimao, Feb 9, 2016