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  1. PinkyPowers
    I love all the comparisons you did. Makes me all the more eager to put it against my AK120ii! This X7 seems like it's achieved a great deal already.
    PinkyPowers, Dec 7, 2015
  2. peareye
    Nice comparisions! Have you tried the X7 as USB/DAC yet? It would be nice to compare this part of it to the Mojo...
    peareye, Dec 7, 2015
  3. Barra
    I didn't try it as a USB/DAC as I would never do that with my desktop available as well as an easy GO720. However, as a source to my desktop amp, that would be interesting finding how well it scales with an amp. Unfortunately, I have already packaged it for shipping so it is too late for me.
    Barra, Dec 7, 2015
  4. KC33
    "If the amp module can get me to the Paw SQ, I’m in!!!"  Lofty expectations. If they do something like HiFiman did with their DAPs, by allowing one to upgrade the amp at the time of purchase I will seriously consider the X7. I may wait for the next gen though since I think they'll work out some issues like more memory.   Nice review.
    KC33, Dec 7, 2015
  5. Gurdipurdi
    Great review, Barra. Was surprised to read your pairing with the NT6 Pro. I returned my Mojo because of a pairing problem with my NT6. Major problem for me being a fatiguing sibilance after longer periods of listening. 
    Gurdipurdi, Dec 8, 2015
  6. Barra
    Wish I could hear a NT6 to compare to my Pro as I keep hearing conflicting descriptions of their differences. But I absolutely love my Pro as it compares or surpasses the TOTL HPs/CIEMs I have compared it to on the best Summit gear.   With the Mojo, the NT6 seemed to pair well in a 30 minute demo at a friends house, but I didn't get to try long term to see what happened. Although, we ran into source issues with our optical from my AK100ii sounding lacking at best which may contribute to fatigue. The optical cables we tried were cheap and likely the issue or it was my AK. However, switching to my iPhone 6 thru a cheap USB, the Mojo lit up and sung like a champ. Did you try all the Mojo input options including the USB and try changing sources? The iPhone 6/Mojo/NT6pro combo was wonderful.   While I warmed up to the X7/NT6pro pairing, the HD700 was the better pairing which is unusual and with the new silver cables, the HD700 pairing went into the stratosphere. But the NT6pro was better than the HD700 on the Mojo with the stock cables.
    Barra, Dec 8, 2015
  7. ptolemy2k6
    Nice comparison/critical review. Hopefully someone can get FiiO to check it out. I would hate to press bunch of buttons if I didnt need to
    ptolemy2k6, Dec 8, 2015
  8. ade_hall
    The volume works with the screen off but you have to keep pressing it.   The Lock Screen can be turned off in settings
    ade_hall, Dec 12, 2015