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  1. peter123
    Great read Vince, I really enjoyed it. I hope that I get to hear both of these one day :)
    peter123, Oct 17, 2015
  2. DJScope
    Nice one mate! 
    DJScope, Oct 17, 2015
  3. twister6
    That HP150 makes Adam's stand look good, or is it the other way around? j/k :)  Absolutely agree with everything you said, both are amazing headphones!
    twister6, Oct 17, 2015
  4. hakushondaimao
    You had me at "huge soundstage." Nice review, Vince. Someday I'll get my chance to give these a listen...
    hakushondaimao, Oct 18, 2015
  5. WhiskeyJacks
    Any portable amp you would suggest with the Sound magic hp150, I will pairing it with the DX90 for a player and as a source. I know it doesnt have to be amped but I would like to get a good synergy with an amp. Been looking at the e12a from a headfier, granted it is for IEMs specifically, but I have read that it works fine too with full size headphones at lower ohms.
    WhiskeyJacks, Jan 1, 2016