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  1. golov17
    Interesting review, thx :thumbsup::laughing:
    golov17, Oct 16, 2015
  2. waynes world
    Great review doc! And yes, hopefully we can discuss the Encores over a beer some day :-)
    waynes world, Oct 16, 2015
  3. zenpunk
    I also own the ACS Encore and I am quite sad and pissed off to admit that when listening at home I would never choose the Encore over the Zen. I often tried switching to the Encore to convince myself my $750 custom was better than this ugly earbuds but the Encore never stay in my ear for more than few minute,and then I am back to the Zen. IMHO, ZEN>>>>Encore.
    zenpunk, Oct 16, 2015
  4. doctorjazz
    $750 is a pretty good price for the Encore... I haven't written them off, think they are really hard to get a good fit with, at least for me. When I have them perfect, they really do have a naturalness and depth that is quite pleasing. The top end seems to fall off a cliff, but I think it is at least partly because of fit/seal issues-they sound great when I press down on them just over the opening to the ear canal, which is supposed to mean I'm not getting that seal. Have already sent them back numerous times, trying to hold off but one of these days back they go if I don't get the fit/seal thing down. The Zen is just great sound, and SO much easier (and cheaper).
    doctorjazz, Oct 16, 2015
  5. drbluenewmexico
    GREAT review doctorjazz!  how did you get to stay in your ears? i couldn't get my touring set of Zens to stay in my ears at all when i moved my head in response to their excellent PRAT! using the MicroZotl to drive earbuds is CRAAAAZY man, but then again this is head-fi!!! (i did the same actually when i had them on tour and they do sound Wonderbar through the Zotl2! using them for Ponography is more realistic.  i wonder what V2 of the Zen will bring? hope you get to review the new ones coming out soon.......thanks for posting your impressions doctorjazz!
    drbluenewmexico, Oct 16, 2015
  6. doctorjazz
    Crazy Glue is always an option...
    doctorjazz, Oct 16, 2015