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  1. waynes world
    Wow, great and thorough review! Nicely done.
    waynes world, Sep 24, 2015
  2. mochill
    I see twister loves Zen:laughing:
    mochill, Sep 24, 2015
  3. WhatToChoose
    I am honestly astounded that premium IEMs exist with that form factor. I thought that design was limited to cheap $5 IEMs off the shelf. I guess this proves that notion wrong! And since twister6 is a notable reviewer, Imy curiousity about this IEM just keeps increasing. Looks like $5, sounds like $120?
    WhatToChoose, Sep 24, 2015
  4. doctorjazz
    Nicely done, agree with your descriptions. I tried the Earhoox, didn't work for me, I do better with the Zen "straight up", but different ear shapes will make for different fits. Good read!
    doctorjazz, Sep 25, 2015
  5. Narayan23
    Great review! Thanks for your impressions.
    Narayan23, Sep 25, 2015
  6. zenpunk
    Great review but "Cons: a bit pricey"??? Surely, you can't be serious. I have owned Th900, HE-6, PM1, K812. I have now sold all of my full-size cans -for practical reasons- and the Zen has become my main headphone and I feel like I am missing very little. At $128 the Zen is simply the BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY. I preferred it to most of the headphones I tried at CanJamUK, Incuding the K10 demo. That's it, i said it! 
    zenpunk, Sep 25, 2015
  7. BenHolmes
    Wow.... Need to try these!! Twister6, have you heard the Senn MX980s?
    BenHolmes, Sep 26, 2015
  8. rymd
    • This message has been removed from public view.
    there just aren't enough high priced earbuds around to compare with :P but once he tries the old PK1 or MX980, he'll change his mind about the price
    rymd, Sep 26, 2015
  9. rymd
    there just aren't enough high end earbuds around to compare with :P but once he tries the old PK1 ($150) or MX980 ($200+) or TM7 ($unobtanium), he'll change his mind about the price
    rymd, Sep 26, 2015
  10. Tobias89
    Nicely written review! I haven't tried the Zen but if the Monk (I have one) is anything to go buy it should be awesome!
    Tobias89, Sep 27, 2015
  11. Onix
    They look so much like cheapo earbuds that I have to wonder if there's something special regarding the transducer that makes them good. Congratulations on the great review.
    Onix, Sep 28, 2015
  12. earfonia
    Nice one Alex!  I'm very impressed with the Monk!  Hope to try the Zen one day :)
    earfonia, Oct 6, 2015
  13. Norba
    Wow, I guess this is another example of don't judge a book by its cover. Cheap looking fantastic sounding earphones. I hope I can try one one day. :) Congrats on the review.
    Norba, Dec 19, 2015