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  1. voxie
    Thanks for an honest and balanced review. 
    voxie, Sep 10, 2015
  2. SYRadio
    I have owned the FiiO X3 and now the X5ii.  I upgraded for several reasons, but the ability to use two 128GB cards was a serious factor.  I am very satisfied with the X5ii.  I wanted to comment on the UI.  While I mainly use the file/folder method there are other ways to access your music.  The Update Media Library function will create a data base that can then be accessed by album, artist, genre, collection and playlist.  This database includes BOTH memory cards.  You can, for example, have a 2CD collection in one folder and the album function will organize all the tracks in the correct order.   It is important to note that, for these functions to work, you metadata must be correct.   The have been some comments about the media library hanging up during an update.  I found that this is due to having non-music files on the memory card.  It particular, my ripping software creates .log files which FiiO does not like.  Also, pdf, pamp and jpg files should be removed since they take up space and the FiiO can't read them anyway.  I had to transcode some files to imbed album art in the metadata.   Other than comparing the X5ii to the X3 I have no other DAP's to compare with (other than an iPhone 6).  To my ears the X5ii is more open and transparent.  I run the X5ii into an E12 amp.  I find that the additional output power improves the sound quality.  I have a set of Beryerdynamic DT 1350's that are 70 ohm and benefit from the higher output.   I use an external USB 3.0 card reader to transfer files.  It is much faster than the FiiO USB 2.0 interface.  I you do use the USB connection on the FiiO, turn off the standby mode in the DAP. This will prevent it from disconnecting from the computer and generating "Card not ejected properly" errors.
    SYRadio, Sep 10, 2015
  3. Tuneslover
    I use DT1350's with my X5ii & E12a too.
    Tuneslover, Sep 10, 2015
  4. intlsubband
    Thank you for those clarifications [user=384589]@SYRadio[/user] 
    intlsubband, Sep 10, 2015