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  1. getclikinagas
    Very good review. Thanks
    getclikinagas, Aug 31, 2015
  2. Harley1962
    Thanks for your thorough review. May I ask your opinion of this vs. either of the two Fiio units you've owned (E17 and E7) in the past? Ratings-wise the E17 seems to be one of (or "THE") highest-rated combo DAC / Amps. I haven't made a purchase yet, but need something very portable, and works world-wide...as I am in various countries for work. Your suggestions and recommendations are welcome.
    Harley1962, Aug 31, 2015
  3. chowmein83
    [user=161970]@Harley1962[/user] Sorry for the late response, but in my opinion the C5DAC is a step up from the E17, which itself is a step up from the E7. To be honest, I think the DAC section of the C5DAC and the E17 are comparable to each other, but the C5DAC's amp is a lot better - wider and deeper soundstage, sounds more analog but yet more detailed, and is better able to handle harder-to-drive headphones. Both the E17 and C5DAC have good form factors - while the E17 is thicker, it is not as long and wide, and the C5DAC on the other hand is more slim but also longer and wider (but this lends itself to stacking well with smartphones). Both are still pretty easy to carry around though.
    chowmein83, Sep 3, 2015
  4. Harley1962
    [user=398973]@chowmein83[/user] Thanks a bunch for the input. If you don't mind, I may contact you in the near future for further opinions prior to making my purchase. There are just so many choices in the "low-$200 range" for combo units, so it takes time to review all the data and comments, etc...
    Harley1962, Sep 3, 2015
  5. chowmein83
    [user=161970]@Harley1962[/user] Again, sorry for the late response, but feel free to contact me with any other questions you might have (probably through PM is better).
    chowmein83, Sep 6, 2015