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  1. Brooko
    Really good review - love the layout.  If I would suggest one thing - get rid of the animated gif - it's annoying when trying to read (constantly rolling over).  Three separate pics (put them in table form) would be much better ;) 
    Brooko, Aug 11, 2015
  2. DJScope
    Great job mate!
    DJScope, Aug 11, 2015
  3. vaibhavp
    great review. there is a A83 tour as well on their facebook page.
    vaibhavp, Aug 12, 2015
  4. getclikinagas
    [user=170914]@Brooko[/user] : Thank you for the kind words and suggestion. I use gifs to cut down on the number of pictures, primarily because Head-fi does not fill the entire browser and can cut-into/rearrange the images based on the user's monitor resolution. But I see what you mean. It does get distracting and I shall swap it out for static images ASAP. Will you get a chance to test drive these. We would love to read your impressions.   [user=393408]@DJScope[/user] : Thanks. It was your review that peaked my curiosity.   [user=379246]@vaibhavp[/user] : Thank you and thanks for the heads-up. Pity I won't be able to do a head to head with the
    getclikinagas, Aug 12, 2015
  5. Brooko
    Yep - I have a pair coming sometime next week I think.  Looking forward to comparing them with some of my other earphones at similar value :)
    Brooko, Aug 12, 2015
  6. H20Fidelity
    [user=170914]@Brooko[/user] you ruined the gif for me, I always look forward to his gifs!
    H20Fidelity, Aug 12, 2015
  7. Paulus XII
    • This message has been removed from public view.
    Can't read the comparison with Titan 1 as its cut in half. But at least you can read that it's better at micro-detailing :P
    Paulus XII, Aug 13, 2015
  8. Paulus XII
    Can't read the comparison with Titan 1 as its cut in half. But at least you can read that Titan is better at micro-detailing and bass :P
    Paulus XII, Aug 13, 2015
  9. getclikinagas
    Barely 50% of the browser width is available for the review, what with the ads cutting in with an invisible banner that runs down the length of the page. I wonder if the everyone sees the only half the table :/   Here's the Titan 1 comparison: "The Titan 1 is a recently released half-in ear titanium driver IEM by DUNU, that is a solid performer at the price and all around(except isolation). The differences start with the ever-present A73 bass vs the out-of-nowhere Titan 1 bass. Both have a gradual midbass hump but the Titan allows the bass to breathe while the A73 fills the stage and can sound restricted when things get heavy. Both could do with a slight cut in the mid-bass but with different results. The midrange on the Titan 1 is relatively more recessed and thinner. The Titan 1 is more detailed through the bass and lower mids, and is on par in the upper mids. The soundstage is similarly wide(which is excellent for the level of isolation the A73 provides) but the Titan 1 does a better job at sonic space perception. On the whole the space where everything sits feels more natural. The Titan 1 is better at micro-detailing in the highs (especially in busy segments) but the more laid back A73 is no slouch either. As a result the Titan 1 will be relatively more fatiguing during long listening sessions. The A73 with its intimate midrange is better suited for low volume listening that the Titan 1."
    getclikinagas, Aug 13, 2015
  10. Tom22
    late to see this but great review [user=290634]@getclikinagas[/user] ! i've been eying these for a long time and your review just adds to that curiosity! 
    Tom22, Oct 6, 2015
  11. getclikinagas
    [user=341207]@Tom22[/user] : Thank you :) The A73 certainly get quite a few things right, but might fall into the try-before-you buy category. The amount of warmth despite being well executed is a subjective plus/minus, some (like me) hear occasional edginess, some hear deal-breaker peakiness, some don't hear it at all. Couple this with the highly subjective fit, maybe-think-twice price and what you have is an IEM where you end up weighing pros/cons more than you'd like.   I hope you get to audition it. I'd like to know what you make of them.    
    getclikinagas, Oct 7, 2015
  12. harry501501
    Hey, nicely done review, i really like the layout. Can i ask what tip you are using/used with the Titan 1? I really enjoy the Titan 1 but i don't think it gets close to the detail and separation of the Fidue A73. The A73 to my ears is way above the Titan 1 in sound quality. The Fiio EX 1 at £50 is a more accurate price point for the Titan 1 which still goes for close to £100 which i find too much for what you get.   We all hear differently though :)
    harry501501, Nov 5, 2016
  13. getclikinagas
    [user=449654]@harry501501[/user] I use the orange core (Sony clone) hybrid tips that come with the Titan. I also use spinfits at times. More for convenience though, as it does alter the treble a tad.   We do indeed hear differently :). Detail and separation are two parameters where I feel the Titan has the edge over the A73. In fact, the Titans claim to fame is mainly due to its micro-detailing capabilities and sense of space & separation.   Just so that I have another point of reference how would you compare the detail and separation of the Havi vs A73?
    getclikinagas, Nov 6, 2016