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  1. ASpencer
    Sound recommendations for both the X3 II and X5 II.  Well done, sir.
    ASpencer, Jul 8, 2015
  2. Sefelt103
    Fine review daduy. I am surprised you found it so similar to the iPod 5G. One review I read rated the iPhone 5/iPod 5G as 4 with the original X5 scoring 8. I suppose it depends on what IEMs/headphones you listen to the device with. I have the Shure SE420 and it does sound fine with my 5G. With the Fiio's huge battery and relatively short battery life I would have thought the power draining hi-fi electronics would have given it the edge over the 5G in terms of sound quality. Perhaps this player's strength is with full sized headphones as opposed to IEMs. It makes a relatively cheap 5G with good interface and longer battery life not to mention the support/parts a very attractive proposition.
    Sefelt103, Jul 9, 2015
  3. daduy
    Thanks guys, I was really surprised as well, I honestly don't think the iPod will be a competition , but that's how I heard them. And you are probably right, x5 will be more suited for full size cans than the iPod.
    daduy, Jul 14, 2015
  4. csglinux
    Nice review :-) I agree 100% with all your observations. I made my comparisons against the iPhone 6, but reached basically the same conclusion. The sound is surprisingly similar. There is a little more treble extension with the X5ii, but it's hard to say for sure whether there's really extra detail in its DAC/amp, or whether it simply sounds that way as a result of the slightly different frequency response. (Giving my iPhone a treble boost with EQ or different cans also opens up a bit more detail.) The extra features and storage still make this a nice device, but on sound alone, I think most people (if they do an honest AB test as you have) will find the differences not as large as they might have expected. Daduy, whatever you do, don't post this review on Amazon. The Fiio faithful will rip you to shreds.   I have a question for the community. I may be insane or have awful hearing, but I really, really liked the 6th gen iPod nano. It's really tiny, so lightweight you wouldn't even know it's there, and you can clip it on your clothes. It's perfect for any activity where you don't want the weight and bulk of a phone (or a Fiio). But the device only comes with a maximum 16 Gb storage :-( I thought by now, there would be somebody building a device this small that would take microSD, or at least have a lot more on-board storage. The problem (for me) with virtually all these newer high-storage capacity DAPs is they contain a lot of fluff I don't need (like super-powerful amps and 24/192, DSD, .iso file playback, along with a bigger battery to drive it all, hence lots of bulk and weight). Does anybody know of a good quality, really tiny DAP with 128 Gb+ storage capabilities? (FLAC or ALAC 16/44 playback is all I need!)
    csglinux, Jul 15, 2015
  5. daduy
    hi [user=399084]@csglinux[/user]   thanks for confirming, it's nice to know that it's not my only ears :)   Anyway have a look at shozy alien, i think they support up to 32gig microsd.   Cheers!
    daduy, Jul 20, 2015
  6. csglinux
    Thanks for the tip on the Shozy Alien!
    csglinux, Jul 24, 2015