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  1. White Lotus
    Excellent review, mate! 
    White Lotus, Jun 26, 2015
  2. svyr
    > I graphed all 3 – using test tones, a calibrated meter, and spreadsheet conversion program. That's certainly pretty cool. Thank you for coming along Brooko , very impressive review. Boy would I hate dn2kj uneqed The cables ended up really peving me off. I got a pair from H20 and the rubber bounce noise is impossible to use unless you do over the ear Aside from the hurty bass amount what did you think off the bass quality. I wasn't really overly overjoyed with the bass quality . (Basshead) I usually boost subbass (in pretty much any iems incl these and h300 and a350) And after doing that and cutting the upper/mid bass and after doing the below to both was still quite unhappy with the bass speed. Usually overdoing it on the amount feels different to me although I wonder if I should've cut the bass or made the 20-80hz boost narrower
    svyr, Jun 26, 2015
  3. twister6
    Agree on every point, Paul!  Sad, but true.
    twister6, Jun 26, 2015
  4. Brooko
    Thanks gents - and thanks Vlad for the opportunity to try them.  And yep - I think with your tastes the 2000J wouldn't be high on your list :)   The bass was one of the biggest let downs for me. The quantity of mid-bass means that they become very one-note (boom, boom, boom) and had very little texture or definition. Not sure if it was quantity affecting it, but there was also quite a bit of decay - which led to an impression of wider stage, but at a cost of appearing sludgy/muddy.  I agree with you on the slowness of the bass. After the Altone 200, and some of the good comments about H300, I was left feeling a little confused, as I was expecting an improvement.   I got a chance to read a few of the other reviews after I'd posted mine - and its clear that not everyone hears the bass the same way I do.  Quite a few were praising it.  So I guess it comes down to preference.  I really did enjoy the mid-range and lower treble on these though.  Just pity the rest of the sonics didn't quite gel.
    Brooko, Jun 26, 2015