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  1. Jeff Y
    Wow. Great info here [user=170914]@Brooko[/user]. I thought other's reviews were really through about the UI. I was wrong. It's great to have been wrong about that! :)
    Jeff Y, Jun 19, 2015
  2. Brooko
    Thanks Jeff - I do tend to get a bit long-winded, don't I ;)
    Brooko, Jun 19, 2015
  3. AmberOzL
    Again Brooko, again great review. No surprises here :) Still waiting for the X7 though.
    AmberOzL, Jun 19, 2015
  4. Jeff Y
    Ha Brooko, no way I'm getting tired of it anytime soon.   [user=351788]@AmberOzL[/user] , in that case you'll have to wait till the end of this year or even next year according to people form Fiio. The details, design, and specs are not close to becoming final from what I know. I'm waiting for the X7 as well because I want a touch screen. I hope it is a real revolution :). *cough* battery *cough*
    Jeff Y, Jun 19, 2015
  5. AmberOzL
    No worries mate, I am not in a situation buy right now either. In the meantime I can finish my masters and all, it will be helpful :)
    AmberOzL, Jun 19, 2015
  6. mandrake50
    Still no ability to use replaygain tags??? Seems a bit of a shame to me.
    mandrake50, Jun 19, 2015
  7. dbdynsty25
    Fantastic review.  Basically cemented my decision to pick one up.  The screen upgrade over the X3II is almost worth the price alone.  Bigger and brighter is exactly what's needed.
    dbdynsty25, Jun 19, 2015
  8. Brooko
    Thanks gents. It really is another great release from Fiio.  Will be even better once our Head-Fi modders start pushing out a few custom themes.
    Brooko, Jun 20, 2015
  9. oneway23
    Great review, Brooko...Unreal pics...thanks so much!
    oneway23, Jun 24, 2015
  10. mike138
    Great review. I'm definitely getting one of these soon, if for no other reason than the dual card capability and Fiio's confidence that it will handle larger capacity cards as they are produced. 
    mike138, Jun 24, 2015
  11. Uberclocked
    Is that a ramen seasoning pack I spy in the X5 II?  Fiio really did think of everything.  You never know when one of those will come in handy.   Seriously though, amazing review!  So many pictures (great camera work!) and as [user=379256]@Jeff Y[/user] said, the UI section is insanely long and in-depth!  Loved the comparisons with the other Fiio players!  Keep up the good work [user=170914]@Brooko[/user]!  You're the real MVP.
    Uberclocked, Jun 24, 2015
  12. Brooko
    Thanks for the kind words gents.  Our tour unit had a little mishap, so got replaced with one of the retail units from Fiio's excellent local distributor (Sound Essentials).  Yudi reports that the wheel on the new unit is much better - firm like the Xii - so that ticks another box :)
    Brooko, Jun 24, 2015
  13. interpolate
    It seems like a great piece of kit. Will the pricing be similar to the X5 1st edition and any indication about availability? I only went with the X3 ii based on budget as the X5 was my original choice of player. 
    interpolate, Jun 25, 2015
  14. earfonia
    As always, detailed and excellent review! Just checking, what you mean by 'wider spatial sense / presentation' is what people often refer as wider or more spacious sound stage right?
    earfonia, Jun 25, 2015
  15. Brooko
    [user=420116]@interpolate[/user] - AFAIK the X5ii will be sold at the same price as the original X5 - so check with your local Fiio dealer [user=150501]@earfonia[/user] - Bram, the two are very close, and it's more a sense than anything concrete.  The spatial sense I get is hard to describe - it's like there is a more 3 dimensional nature to the sound - width and depth.  It's subtle, and I could be imagining it - but it is what I hear.  If you've heard the AKG K812 - you'll understand what I mean.
    Brooko, Jun 25, 2015
  16. earfonia
    Tx Paul! Just want to check if we have similar understanding in 'sound describing words' that we use. Sometime we use similar words with different understanding, or different words with similar understanding. I imagine what you mean by spatial presentation is what I often refer as spaciousness or holographic imaging. Yes, I tried K812 a couple of times, imaging wise probably comparable to HD800 that I'm quite familiar.
    earfonia, Jun 25, 2015
  17. earfonia
    Btw, I also often have similar experience with T1 driven by DAPs, like what you described here: "Switching to the T1 was a different story.  Volume was around 75/120 on high gain – but the bass was slightly lacking, and the treble tended to get a bit peaky – which never happens on my desktop sources!  It wasn’t terrible sounding, and with some recordings was actually very good." Not sure what is the science behind it. The main difference between DAPs and desktop devices is their power supply. So most probably that's what causes the difference in bass dynamic.
    earfonia, Jun 25, 2015
  18. Brooko
    Bram - thanks - holographic is exactly the word I was looking for :)   Regarding the T1 - if you check out Innerfidelity's graphs - you'll see the impedance graph for the T1 jumps to around 1400 ohms at 100 Hz.  So unfortunately none of the Fiios can deliver the power needed to fully move the drivers to produce this frequency.  So it's under-driven, and although it will get loud, the bass never gets to where it should be. That's why the T1 needs a reasonably powerful amp.
    Brooko, Jun 25, 2015
  19. ridhuankim
    One thing to note is when you are charging the unit (from power source and not from connecting to a PC). The battery icon at the upper right shows some movement changing from empty to 1/3 to 2/3 to full in rotation. However, it does not tell me how many percent full so until it is fully charged, I will not know how much is charged. Yes, I can unplug it to check the battery how full it is but not possible while charging. Hopefully this will get improved in the next firmware update.
    ridhuankim, Jun 25, 2015
  20. Brooko
    [user=340410]@ridhuankim[/user] - it's the same way on all the Fiio DAPs.  Normally I just allow 4 hours from empty, about 2 hours from 1/2 full.  And all I do is check the LED on the power button - if it's red, it's still charging.  if it's green, it's finished :)
    Brooko, Jun 25, 2015
  21. earfonia
    Thanks Paul! That's explain! I didn't check T1 impedance curve. So higher voltage power supply is essential for T1. Thanks!
    earfonia, Jun 25, 2015
  22. Wyd4
    • This message has been removed from public view.
    As always, very nice review. Almost makes me want to buy an x3ii.  Not that that is the intent of the review, but it just seems like a really good bang for buck DAP. That being said, my 128gb card is starting to look a little sad and may need a sibling soon, so that could tip the scales.
    Wyd4, Jun 26, 2015
  23. prot
    +100 excellent review. Wish all other reviewers were that careful & serious about their comparisons and generally about those elusive SQ impressions
    prot, Jun 26, 2015
  24. ASpencer
    Great, honest review.  I own both the X5 and X5 II and find the latter easier to listen to for long periods than its forerunner. 
    ASpencer, Jun 26, 2015
  25. Umeshdhingra
    I couldnt have asked for a better review than this.Infact Fiio X5 (secondG) was just about available here in India and I was looking for a suitable review which could help me to decide in spending approx $350. Even though I am not an expert in the technicalities about digital audio, but love to listen to music and was looking for a suitable player to add on to my OPPO HA1 and HD 800 ! I did order one and is expecting by 30 June . cheers
    Umeshdhingra, Jun 27, 2015
  26. Umeshdhingra
    I couldnt have asked for a better review than this.Infact Fiio X5 (secondG) was just about available here in India and I was looking for a suitable review which could help me to decide in spending approx $350. Even though I am not an expert in the technicalities about digital audio, but love to listen to music and was looking for a suitable player to add on to my OPPO HA1 and HD 800 ! I did order one and is expecting by 30 June . cheers
    Umeshdhingra, Jun 27, 2015
  27. Brooko
    Thanks again gents [user=338743]@Umeshdhingra[/user] - let me know what you think of it when you get it. HD800 may need a little more amping than the X5ii can supply by itself - but it will be interesting.  Congrats on your purchase and I hope you enjoy it :)
    Brooko, Jun 27, 2015
  28. Umeshdhingra
    I basically plan to use Fiio X5 as a media player by connecting with OPPO HA1 / HD 800, but when not at home , then use my HD 598 with Fiio X5 both as a media and DAC. will write in more detail once I have had my hands onto X5.
    Umeshdhingra, Jun 27, 2015
  29. Brooko
    Ok - sounds like a really nice set-up. Look toward to hearing what you think of the Fiio in due course
    Brooko, Jun 27, 2015
  30. mshmovie
    Nice & thorough review.   I received my X5 Gen 2 (adding to my X5 Gen 1) and can report the [b]OTG is a PROBLEM (where my X5 Gen 1 handles OTG perfectly).[/b]   This is what I reported to FiiO:   Hi Team FiiO,   I just received my X5 2nd gen and I'm disappointed as it isn't handling OTG storage as my X5 first gen does; it fails to provide an essential feature.   While my 128gb microsdxc exFat cards from my X5 1st gen work fine, my FiiO OTG cable from the original X5 with a Lexar 256GB thumb drive does not.   I get a message "External USB STORAGE removed" that reappears continually after I dismiss it. Furthermore, the new X5 doesn't mount/read the OTG storage. Please note that my X5 generation with fw2.5 handles this external OTG storage perfectly.   Please advise as this decrease in functionality is unacceptable.
    mshmovie, Jun 30, 2015
  31. Brooko
    @mshmovie - thanks, but I clearly stated above that I couldn't test OTG (I don't have a cable). There are at least 2 people who have it working in the main X5ii thread - so maybe see what is different in their set-up?
    Brooko, Jun 30, 2015
  32. KC33
    I've read this three times now. (once on Headphonia) I really dig the way you are able to compare all the other Fiio units. I have the X3ii and love it. I've been using it with my tube amp and on the go. I've personally decided to wait for the X7, if I can hold out that long, but I'll be perfectly satisfied with the X3 while I wait.  Thanks for a great read.
    KC33, Jun 30, 2015
  33. Brooko
    Thanks KC.  I'm also intrigued with the X7.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to review it when it comes out.  The X3ii still remains my most used daily DAP.
    Brooko, Jun 30, 2015
  34. mshmovie
    [user=170914]@Brooko[/user] Thanks - I did read that you didn't test OTG (and read everything you wrote with great appreciation). I just expect the X5.2 to be at least all the X5.1 was with regards to OTG (and more). I briefly had it working for a few minutes today, then back it reverted to the "External USB Storage Removed" message. Fingers crossed on FiiO's response to the reported issue.
    mshmovie, Jun 30, 2015
  35. AndrewH13
    Very good, comprehensive review.
    AndrewH13, Jul 1, 2015
  36. LajostheHun
    Wow, another standard setting review.
    LajostheHun, Aug 2, 2015
  37. aerosuffly
    • This message has been removed from public view.
    Can you comment on the different in sound quality/signature of the X5 and the Micro iDSD as a desktop DAC? I have an iFi Micro stack for home use, and I am thinking about getting the X5ii for portable and desktop use in my office. 
    aerosuffly, Aug 24, 2015
  38. aerosuffly
    [user=170914]@Brooko[/user] Can you comments on differences in the sound signature/quality between the Micro iDSD and the X5ii as a DAC? I have the iDSD for my home desktop use, and I am thinking about getting the x5ii for portable and office desktop use. Thanks!
    aerosuffly, Aug 24, 2015
  39. Brooko
    Thanks guys - I appreciate the comments.   @aerosuffly - it is kind of difficult to compare the two as it's not just the DAC you're comparing - but DAC and amp section in each device..  Anyway I set the two up, and volume matched - but it still takes a bit of time to switch, so this is really subjective. I used the AKG K553 as it is relatively easy to drive. They are actually pretty close - even in tonality.  Both have a very clear and almost vibrant sound. The X5ii seems just a touch warmer, the iDSD just a touch more space and a little leaner.  Both sound pretty good though - and the similarities are there tonally. At times during the switching it was easy to forget which one was actually playing.  I'd think having the X5ii for an iDSD substitute while you're traveling would be a pretty good option :)  If you want something even smaller - check out the Cozoy Aegis at some time (I'm reviewing it currently).
    Brooko, Aug 25, 2015
  40. aerosuffly
    [user=170914]@Brooko[/user] Thanks for a quick response. That sounds very convincing, so I ordered the X5ii today. :D   I see your point about the mingling of the DAC and the amp sections. I actually use the iDSD with the iCan (and the iUSB), which tremendously improve the sound (to my taste). The amp section in the X5ii should be more than sufficient to drive my IEM (ATH-CK100Pro), and I can always add an external amp to the X5ii for my office use. I will see how it works.
    aerosuffly, Aug 25, 2015
  41. goodyfresh
    Great review as usual, man! Sounds like it really wouldn't be much of an upgrade over my X3ii, huh?  *sighs*
    goodyfresh, Oct 14, 2015
  42. Brooko
    It's an upgrade - but an incremental one.  Whether or not the extra $$$ is worth it - only you could answer.  If I was on a budget, I'd take the X3ii and spend more money on either better headphones or more music. 
    Brooko, Oct 14, 2015
  43. Billyk
    Thanks for the great review. I just purchased an X5 refurb for an excellent price and your review helped a great deal with that!
    Billyk, Sep 3, 2016