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  1. Tom22
    i'm not sure if you still have them but if you do try them with different eartips (i'm usually a medium and i found the stock biflanges on the hifiman re400s to sound similar to what your saying). if your getting sibilance from the re400s, its definitely an issue with the fit and seal. try the sony eartips from the sony earphones you have (odds are they are the sony hybrids) and they match very well with the re400s. but in the end they aren't bass monsters by any means just a slight lift in the midbass and a smooth treble. lemme know how it works!
    Tom22, May 15, 2015
  2. Tom22
    Tom22, May 15, 2015
  3. krelianx
    Must say I agree. Anyone who says these are anything but [b]very [/b]bass-shy they are deluding themselves, or others. The treble is also quite mellow, and not very well extended. The mids are great, but overall the sound profile is congested, dull, with a cavernous soundstage. The build is pretty bad as well. These are the most overrated earphones I have heard.
    krelianx, Oct 26, 2015
  4. harry501
    I agree with you, I marvelled at the detail i was hearing but in time it started hurting my ears how clinical these sound... very cold. The bass is heard but very very low. i also wear AKG K451s which are bass heavy and very warm, which i like but i was fed up wearing them in hot weather. Sadly when i go back to them it makes the 400s sound so much weaker and boring sounding. Cable noise is horrendous. I too got suckered in with the insanely high reviews
    harry501, Feb 7, 2016
  5. flognarde
    Sibilance on these ? You must be joking or having recieved a broken pair ! These highs are one of the smoothest ever heard on IEM's . Unatractive ? Are you talking about my mother ?... let's say discrete and let them desappear... Give them a decent source on a decent amp/dac and you might change your mind?
    flognarde, Jul 13, 2016
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