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  1. Baycode
    Thanks for nice review! Are you still using this amp? Do you like something better for your AKG during this period? I am considering to try ka7100 and ka405. Not many review for 405 though... I am planning to use AKG K340 with them.
    Baycode, Jul 28, 2018
  2. headphones1999
    i no longer have it, the KA405 colors the sounds a lot, in a fun way, i now use onkyo A925 which can be found for extremely cheap, and does a better job in every aspect, but it has to be directly from the speakers output (yeah)
    headphones1999, Jul 28, 2018
  3. headphones1999
    as for K340, i heard it with a very nice "natural" sounding amp that doesnt color the sound and it didnt sound good, so maybe it was the amp, maybe it was the K340, not sure, but i as for now i never heard the K340 and said "they sound good!". maybe one day i will find a proper amping for it who knows
    headphones1999, Jul 28, 2018
  4. Baycode
    Thanks for reply [USER=489569]@headphones1999[/USER] !
    Baycode, Jul 31, 2018