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  1. dulty
    Great review Scott, thanks! Any other previous IEMs, apart from the ER4S?
    dulty, Mar 4, 2015
  2. mamba315
    Really refreshing to read this. I'm tired of people afraid to make these types of comparisons, "apples to oranges" and all that jazz. I've been curious on how well top CIEM's stack up with top headphones for years, and this review paints a good picture of your experiences. The portability and isolation from IEM's is huge advantages in the right situation, like in your plane boarding example. It really can be like a sonic security blanket! I was hoping you could expand a little on your comment that the Noble 10's are voiced, "so don't expect reference level neutrality." Never mind that everyone has their own opinion of neutrality. Neutral to me is more bass than others like (natural vs "neutral", which is why I'm a fellow Audeze owner (LCD-2.2 non-razor). Still, a little clarification on what your neutral reference is, and how the Nobles deviate, would be most interesting. Cool stuff though, thanks for writing this!
    mamba315, Mar 4, 2015
  3. chartwell85
    Super review!  I need to check these bad boys out at CanJam! 
    chartwell85, Mar 4, 2015
  4. davenindigo
    What a really great review. And just what I don't need to be lusting after a 1600.00 Pair of IEM's. Hope you can get another bit of info out once you feel they are truly broken in.  All the best, Dave
    davenindigo, Mar 4, 2015
  5. mathi8vadhanan
    Very professional write-up. Loved reading this review.
    mathi8vadhanan, Mar 4, 2015
  6. mscott58
    Hey everyone. Thanks for all the kind words! Can't believe ~1,000 views within 24 hours of posting. Did you guys just sit and hit "F5" a bunch of times? :)   [user=396314]@dulty[/user]- some odds and ends, other Ety's, some base model Shures, etc., but the ER-4's were my reference for quite a while. Even visited Ety's HQ near O'Hare once. Really nice people there. However, at CanJam/RMAF I listened to every TOTL CIEM represented. So I felt confident the Noble's were the right choice then, and am even more confident now.    @mamaba315 - I find the voicing of the K10's to be as you stated - natural versus neutral. The bass is probably a bit boosted, but that's nice IMO. I'd actually describe the voicing as similar to the LCD-3's, but with a bit more of a top-end. The Kaisers are very easy to listen to, but probably not the best if you are working a mixing board.    [user=403330]@chartwell85[/user]- Thanks Casey!   @davenindig - I'd say my K10's are fully broken in. Have had them for 2.5 months and they've gotten a lot of usage.    [user=398628]@mathi8vadhanan[/user] - Thanks!!! Loved writing it. 
    mscott58, Mar 4, 2015
  7. doublea71
    Nice review - one teeny tiny correction: "[b]Life[/b] During Wartime" is the title.
    doublea71, Mar 5, 2015
    I really enjoyed reading your review Scott! I'm in the market for a new pair of CIEMs. I'm deciding between the JH Angies and the K10s and will listen to booth a t CanJam in LA later this month. I have the JH16s and wondering if you have heard them and  how they compare to the K10s.    Any information would be appreciated!
    JACONE, Mar 5, 2015
  9. shineonyou
    Great review, but out of my funding range.
    shineonyou, Mar 5, 2015
  10. Wilderbeast
    Lovely review - thank you.
    Wilderbeast, Mar 5, 2015
  11. mscott58
    [user=281322]@doublea71[/user] - Thanks for the correction! Looks like I was "lost" for a moment. 
    mscott58, Mar 5, 2015
  12. senorx12562
    Great review. If I had the folding to drop I would do it now for these.
    senorx12562, Mar 6, 2015
  13. kuhchuk
    God, those things look beautiful.  I'd love to have a pair just to look at.
    kuhchuk, Mar 12, 2015
  14. Saraguie
    You put the sound experience between the 2 exactly as I hear it also.
    Saraguie, May 18, 2015
  15. ken6217
    Great review. I like your review style.
    ken6217, Jan 3, 2016