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  1. potatoe94
    [user=361812]@iFi audio[/user] , A review for your amazing product ! Keep it up ! 
    potatoe94, Feb 25, 2015
  2. itsmejulieeye
    Nice Review will certainly consider it as an option for my PC Music so Thx for the in depth review
    itsmejulieeye, Feb 25, 2015
  3. HPiper
    Being as how its main deal is DSD I am surprised you didn't mention what modes of DSD it would do or what it sounded like doing it. How does it compare to any other DSD dac's ?
    HPiper, Mar 3, 2015
  4. Bansaku
    " The effects are made in the analogue channel, in which iFi mentioned that it holds true to the original source and it is not a digital software kind of effect. "   ​I have always been curious about iFi's claim about their 'holographic' technology. Have you heard any other DSP or software based sound widening and if so how do they compare? I hate gimmicks and buzz-words and whenever I read about iFi's 'holographic' technology I can't help to think back to similar claims made by manufacturers of PC sound cards and digital players over the years and how pathetic their claims (and effects) were.
    Bansaku, Mar 3, 2015
  5. mitchmalibu
    Good review. Mine is on the way and I can't wait to see if this thing will make me get rid of my cumbersome home gear (but judging by your review and some others, it looks like it might).
    mitchmalibu, Mar 3, 2015
  6. potatoe94
    [user=285110]@HPiper[/user] Hi , it's a pity i do not own any DSD files , but you can ask iFi directly on this , they would be more than pleased to teach you of their technologies ! 
    potatoe94, Mar 4, 2015
  7. potatoe94
    [user=390650]@Bansaku[/user] For all i know , this is a very realistic widening , it just sounds right , it does not feel like a computer was in between the process of widening the soundstage at all ! you should give it a try to know what i mean ~ It's definitely not those crappy effects in software . It's of a much much higher caliber and quality . 
    potatoe94, Mar 4, 2015
  8. potatoe94
    [user=30004]@mitchmalibu[/user]  Yes ! You'll be pleased at how much this thing actually does ! The fact that it handles IEMs and Headphones were already a superb value buy for me ! Whats more ? They included the iPurifier , iCan and iDSD ! They even added a portable charger for my phone ! 
    potatoe94, Mar 4, 2015
  9. rcoleman1
    Had the nano iDSD and wanted the more feature packed micro iDSD...awesome decision! My IEMs and Sennheiser HD650s never sounded better!
    rcoleman1, Mar 4, 2015
  10. potatoe94
    [user=16330]@rcoleman1[/user] wonderful ! mine awesome too ! all thanks to the people at iFi ! 
    potatoe94, Mar 4, 2015
  11. potatoe94
    Do check out my other reviews aswell ! and let me know what you think ~ ^^
    potatoe94, Mar 4, 2015
  12. cladane
    Would pertinent to compare the iFi micro iDSD with Chord Hugo ??
    cladane, Mar 8, 2015
  13. potatoe94
    @cladane will do so this coming friday . i have not personally tested the Hugo . 
    potatoe94, Mar 9, 2015
  14. jmsaxon69
    Great review! Great product!
    jmsaxon69, Mar 11, 2015
  15. mink70
    This is not a review, it's a press release for the company. I own and like the iDSD Micro as well, but I learned nothing from reading this except that "iFi has never made a product that disappoint," "they are a truly remarkable company which makes remarkable products," and "there is really nothing not to love about it."
    mink70, Mar 16, 2015
  16. potatoe94
    [user=44532]@mink70[/user] well , it is true , i listed alot of their features and how each switch work in my experience , because they have got so many buttons and settings to play around ! I believe as an iDSD Micro owner yourself , you would have played around with it alot , trying to change it's settings here and there , using different power settings , and try to know which settings will provide what kind of a sound . It's interesting , and i cannot quite put a fixed review on it as different headphones responded quite interestingly with it . But all seem to synergise very well with it .  Maybe you could write a review on what you feel about it ~  i think iFi should pay me for advertising for them aswell ! Hahaha ! 
    potatoe94, Mar 16, 2015
  17. mink70
    Potatoe94, I have no problem with you describing all the features. But from the first gushing paragraph it's clear that you're going to love the thing regardless of how it sounds. And then you don't actually write much about the sound at all. Don't get me wrong—I applaud you for writing a review and sharing your point of view with us, but this review is difficult to take seriously when you open it with "all of their products have performance which far exceeds their price point, making every purchase, worth it." Worth it for whom? A review presumes that you are on the side of the potential consumer and are approaching the product with some objectivity, not simply a as cheerleader for a company you happen to like. When you write a review you're asking for people's attention and time... so try to reward it with some of your own.
    mink70, Mar 16, 2015
  18. potatoe94
    [user=44532]@mink70[/user] yupp noted ! will take it into consideration for future reviews , thanks for the heads up ! Would hope see you give your opinions on the iDSD Micro too ! 
    potatoe94, Mar 17, 2015
  19. Valephar
    Thanks for the review. I've made up my mind on buying this unit quite some time ago. Mainly due to the DAC. It really covers all level of music formats. I buy some music from Ototoy that have 11.2mhz DSF files. I would like to listen to them natively. Your review basically just re-assured my decision. 
    Valephar, Mar 18, 2015
  20. potatoe94
    [user=406649]@Valephar[/user] That's nice to hear ! Do also give honest reviews of them after getting comfortable with them ! It not just covers all formats , its future proof even when you upgrade to hi impedance headphones , or move to low impedance IEMs !
    potatoe94, Mar 18, 2015
  21. Koolpep
    Hi!   I got a review unit for the IDSD micro. I have not heard any iFi product before. I have a Burson Conductor at home and really great portable stacks and DAPs (like the Gloveaudio A1) and this beast can do EVERYTHING. I will purchase one the moment the local distributor gets the shipment - after using it for 2 days it's clear to me that this is every bit as good as you describe it. Man, I am even re-discovering old headphones from my collection which now sound so much better fed from the iDSD. It really is a meaty beast that is worth so much more than it costs. Am gushing here, but I am really really impressed.
    Koolpep, Jun 15, 2015
  22. JUGA
    did the X-Bass function works?  if yes - can you here difference? we have 4 unit and in all 4 devices X-Bass das not works. There is no difference between switch off and switch on.
    JUGA, Mar 13, 2016
  23. Koolpep
    X-Bass does boost the sub-bass - are your headphone able to go down that low in order to hear that? With headphones that are light on sub-bass it's sometimes hard to make out - it's not like other bass-boost switched that boost the mid-bass - this is really for the low down rumble. So sometimes hard to make out.
    Koolpep, Mar 13, 2016
  24. JUGA
    but in nano iDSD the X-Bass effect is more than visible
    JUGA, Mar 13, 2016
  25. Koolpep
    Different implementation of the X-Bass. Did you upgrade them to FW 5.1? And which headphones are you using?
    Koolpep, Mar 13, 2016
  26. JUGA
    fostex TH-900. aste&kern t5p. beyerdynamic dt 770/250 Ohm.  [b]in early batches (august 2015 - december 2015) of micro iDSD the X-Bass effect was strongly expressed.[/b] But not now. i try to understend.. it's not for me. it' for our customers (i work in Doctorhead.ru (Russia).  
    JUGA, Mar 13, 2016
  27. Koolpep
    That is weird indeed - all these headphones should react just fine to X-Bass
    Koolpep, Mar 13, 2016