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  1. Malfunkt
    Copied my post from the XB950 thread: Tonight I hooked up the XB950Bt wired to my JDS Labs C5D. For whatever reason I hadn't even bothered in the whole time owning this headphones. So they sound considerably better out of the C5D and using the C5 bass boost these headphones can definitely handle the bass, and we're designed to, but it is so much cleaner with less distortion than what it's internal amp is capable of. I guess no suprise there. I think a number of people are wondering how these do with what they ar supposed to truly deliver on, and just want to say these fantastic on the sub bass. Well, they are actually pushed to their very limit with the C5D, and this must be because of the drivers power handling capabilities. So while this can rattle your skull, there may be better headphones out there for that. I'd say the XB950 is truly at it best - for bassheads. I think with bass boost on, you don't want to listen to loudly for best sound quality, and I think this is perhaps the only thing keeping these from being supreme bass monsters is just power handling. Still, that would be for crazy bassheads. As right now with my C5D it sounds amazing with techno, drum n bass and dubstep. Much much better than I would have imagined a pair of generic or consumer headphones. Anyhow, just wanted to confirm, that these handily perform out of dedicated DAC and amp, and not by a small margin.
    Malfunkt, Jan 2, 2015
  2. Malfunkt
    As it goes I ended up selling the MDR-XB950BT. They just lacked the air, balance and detail I've grown used to. A fun pair for sure, but for my listening they were beaten by my venerable MDR-7550 and recently recabled HD25s (which I have had for about a decade).    So while I'll lose bass volume, I still find that I prefer being able to accurately hear detailed bass from my 7550s. The HD25 with a bit of EQ still has the best balance, and will back to using these as all rounders.   I think my next headphone choice for a closed back will have to be a more solid performer - and for my studio needs probably a Focal Pro or a Sony MDR-7520.
    Malfunkt, Mar 15, 2015
  3. riodgarp
    how about turn off its bass bost? still got big bass ?
    riodgarp, Jun 9, 2015
  4. Mizuo
    How long do you burn in the headphones???
    Mizuo, Mar 8, 2017