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  1. cs098
    I agree that via bt it lacks a bit of bass punch and treble, and is a bit flat sounding. But everything is pretty much fixed if you use a good warm mid and bass centric amp like a fiio. Though that does defeat the purpose of having bt. Needless to say I moved on to something else, when I realised I was paying 50 bucks for bt, which I have no use for.   Honestly akg products tend to need  external amps to sound amazing, even though some of their headphones shouldn't need one at all.
    cs098, Dec 26, 2014
  2. Giogio
    Well, although I compared so many BT Headphones lately, I am not a Pro Head-Fier. This is probably the difference between us, I would have never thought about an Amp because I never used one in my life. But you are of course right, at least at home people could use this headphone with a good amp. Although even when I am at home, once I start getting used to the freedom of BT, I just can't use cables anymore. But in each decision there is apparently always some pros and some cons.   Considering your good tastes I am not curious about what you have now, after dismissing the AKG.
    Giogio, Dec 26, 2014
  3. cs098
    Tbf, I did suffer from the best toy syndrome, meaning the 845s were the best headphones I tried extensively and had nothing better to compare it to, skewing my review. In hindsight, I definitely agree with your Bluetooth sound review, and would lower the score a bit in comparison the the new headphones I tried, bt or otherwise. 
    cs098, Dec 26, 2014
  4. anoxy
    Dramatically lacking bass....wow. I had the absolute opposite experience. 
    anoxy, Jun 15, 2015
  5. dwilaks
    I wonder why don't compare among Fidelio M2BT, ATH-WS99 and UE9000. Are they somehow far above in quality against AKG-845BT.
    dwilaks, Aug 18, 2015