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  1. koiloco
    roflmao.  Great review and much fun to read.  A fresh approach and not so much of the typical ..... in reviews. 
    koiloco, Oct 6, 2014
  2. Loquah
    Awesome review, Andy!! I have a pair of these on order - 4 weeks and counting so not too long to go - and your review has me even more excited to receive them if that's at all possible
    Loquah, Oct 6, 2014
  3. Krizit
    Best review I've ever read!   Fantastic writing style. So glad that I don't have to hurt my head trying to interpret lines such as "gloriously thunderous lows with some supersonic sub bass" etc. You make your impression of the K10 accessible to everyone regardless of their level of audiophile vocabulary.   Reassures me that my order of the K10 was a great decision, just have to wait for the finished product now :)
    Krizit, Oct 7, 2014
  4. Chevalierr
    Man, this is the best review i've ever read. pardon me but i'm gonna try to write like that from now on. =D
    Chevalierr, Oct 7, 2014
  5. GL1TCH3D
    Looks like a fun review Tis a shame they're very pricey but I've been looking at getting myself a set for over a year now >.> Hoping to see some comparisons of customs vs universals
    GL1TCH3D, Oct 7, 2014
  6. nevin
    Very nice review!!!
    nevin, Oct 7, 2014
  7. MrGuzmanWhite
    Congratulations for this fantastic writing. This is one of the few reviews that makes reading about headphones an entertaining experience.   You mention something that is particularly interesting and insightful. Often we are "biased" with preconceptions when listen to headphones and in the short term that may affect an initial impression.   A second problem that I often experience more intensely with audiophile headphones, is that I tend to listen to the headphone rather than the music. Either and get the "owo" when the HP does something great or "aggh" when it fails to deliver. I concentrate in the HP more when it is an audiophile HP, I am expecting something magical or some limitations.  The key is to find that "magic" audiophile headphone that you forget about because you truly listen to the music and not the headphone. It seems that the k10 gives you that. Congratulations.
    MrGuzmanWhite, Nov 28, 2014
  8. kleinert86
    Thanks for this fantastic review! Some day, when the dollar is weak, I'll make my move :)
    kleinert86, Apr 7, 2015
    Great review and entertaining for sure!   I just order a pair of CIEM K10s (had to sell organ ;-)) a few days ago. I also have a pair of JH16s with a Whiplash cable and wondering if you can list the main differences between the 16s and K10s if not too much trouble. Similar to you, I really like the 16s but know the sound of the k10s are more refined.    Thanking you in advance!
    JACONE, Jul 16, 2015
  10. Deftone
    awesome review for sure!
    Deftone, May 28, 2016
  11. AudiophileKing
    I am a nudist and I find your comment very offensive.... It's like you are trying to steal my ideology/identity by suggesting me to wear an underwear ? P.S. If you knew the girls in my community, you might become a nudist yourself in no time...
    AudiophileKing, Dec 14, 2016
  12. EasyEnemy
    Very nice read and writting style. too bad, I'm a nudist to no extra cash, lol
    EasyEnemy, Jan 20, 2017
  13. Intensecure
    Nudists need underwear, otherwise they are severely limited in places to stash their IEMs. These sound wonderful from your description, I have amazing IEMs, so it is imperative that I never get to listen to a pair of these lest I have to remove my last functioning kidney...
    Intensecure, Feb 26, 2017