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  1. Sarurururu
    The connectors of the cable look really nice, hope one day at least I can have a try.
    Sarurururu, May 10, 2014
  2. Danz03
    Come to Hong Kong, they are on demo at DMA, can also try them with balanced cables with the AK240 too. The cable connectors are very nice but are made of plastic, not sure what would happen if they cracked, I was told one cannot buy the balanced cables as an option at the moment. The Shure SE846 connectors in comparison look much more rugged, but then the SE846 connections are much more simple, only 2 contacts per channel, whereas the AKR03 have 4 per channel.
    Danz03, May 10, 2014
  3. qveda
    looking to get my first really great pair of IEMs.  Roxannes or JF16's ( or Cardas if I can't swing the cost).   Roxannes are universal, correct?  Do they need to make a really tight seal in your ear to get the full sound?  Some (inexpensive universals) don't fit well in my ears.  Without demo'ing, I guess I'd need to find out about return policies. But the Roxanne's sure get rave reviews - even with universal fit. 
    qveda, May 10, 2014
  4. Danz03
    The Roxanne comes in 3 different versions apparently, custom, universal and as AKR03 universal. According to what I was told, the AKR03 were tuned more similar to the custom version. My only experience with custom IEMs were the UE 18Pro, which put me off customs for good. To me, the only advantages of custom made IEMs are that they fit your ears perfectly, are very comfortable and very unlikely that they would come off during a live performance, which they are primirarily designed for. They don't necessarily have better sound isolation than universals. Also with universals, you can somehow change the sound signature a little with various tips, whereas there isn't much you can do with customs physically. The Roxanne are so huge I doubt anyone would want to use them for live performance purpose, no matter how well they fit. Although they are huge, the AKR03 seem to fit in my ears quite well, and I have small to medium size ear canals. You really should demo them before making a decision in purchasing them. Another great ones to try are the Shure SE846, I think they have similar sound signatures (SE846 with the standard nozzle), except the highs are more defined with the AKR03. I wasn't able to do a comparison yet as my AKR03 have some weird phasing in the high mids and treble, more so when used with balanced out from the AK240. After about 10 hours of burning in, the phasing seems to have lessen, so I will let them burn in for another 10 hrs or so before I'd listen to them again.
    Danz03, May 11, 2014